Track Lighting Systems

Looking for an alternative to traditional wired lamps or recessed lighting? Track lighting systems may be the answer for many places in your home. Living areas, kitchens, baths, utility and laundry rooms, and even bedrooms all make ideal places in which to install this system that has gained wide appeal among homeowners, decorators, and others interested in providing beautiful, decorative, and functional lighting in the home.

Suitable for Just About Anywhere

Track lighting systems come in any number of shapes, sizes, designs, finishes, and in the wattage you need for any particular task or decor situation. For accenting, tasks, or for just general usage, this type of lighting runs the gamut from being strictly purposeful to adding just the right touch of designer appeal to any room of the home, garage, or office.

The flexibility of track lighting systems makes them very desirable for the ability of each fixture to be moved independently of the others. One can be swiveled or rotated in one direction, while another can be aimed in another. You can even move the fixtures along the line of the track to place them where you want when you want.

Unlimited Style Preferences

You can change the look entirely of track lighting systems by adding pendants from the track, as well. Pendant lighting hung from track systems can be moved and manipulated just the same as regular track-lighting fixtures, which holds endless design-impact possibilities.

Light sources used for track lighting systems include incandescent, halogen, metal halide, and fluorescent. For each type of light source, there is a specific purpose. For instance, low-voltage halogen light fixtures make ideal lighting to accent or highlight specific areas because this type of lighting can be easily controlled. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, cannot be so easily controlled or focused┬Ł and should be used to provide a washed-over lighting effect over walls or vertical surfaces.

Ways to Use Different Lighting Sources

Mounting track lighting systems to shine at a thirty-degree angle on the object works ideally for accent lighting to highlight a painting, shadow-box display, or other wall-mounted artwork.

To wash a wall up to nine feet high with light, hang the track system anywhere from six inches to one foot away from the wall you wish to light with the individual fixtures spaced the same length. For higher walls, hang the system three to four feet away with the same fixture spacing. This works best on walls that are not textured.

With so many ways to utilize track lighting systems, you are sure to find more than one to include in the decor of your home or office. That, along with all the styles and options available, such as louvers, colored and frosted lenses, and more, will almost certainly give you plenty of excuses, er, we mean reasons, to add this great system of lighting to your home or workplace.

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