Travertine Sealer

Travertine is popular due to the large selection of style options, from travertine tiles with embedded shells to custom designer swirl patterns. However, because travertine is so porous, in many areas a good travertine sealer is important to your project.


Travertine sealer is a method to protect the stone. It fills in the holes and pores of the stone without causing the stone to lose its textures and natural designs. This in turn keeps the stone cleaner and less likely to grown mold and mildew should it be exposed to moisture.

Travertine sealing will make cleaning the stone much easier. The sealant is a protection from accidental spills and creates a nice barrier. When the stone needs cleaning, you are less likely to damage it since it has been properly sealed.


There is less discoloration after years of use in the home when the travertine is sealed. The sealant helps to protect the stone and the end result is less discoloration and fading. This means that your travertine projects will hold up longer and remain their beautiful colors and natural pattern designs.

Selecting a Travertine Sealer

There are many different travertine sealers available at your local paint or home improvement store. It can seem challenging to select the right type of sealer for your project. Tell the sales associate how the travertine is being used in your home and ask for their recommendations.

Some sealers are specifically for water proofing and would be used in areas such as kitchens and showers. Others are designed for high traffic and would be used in areas such as dens, hallways and living rooms.

Depending on the area that the travertine is placed in the home will determine which type of travertine sealer is going to be best for the project and offer the most protection.

Curing the Grout

It is important before applying any sealer that you cure the grout. The grout should be set and in place for a minimum of seventy-two hours prior to starting the sealing part of the project. This allows the grout time to completely dry and completely set. The seventy-two hours should start after the grout has been cleaned and not from the time that you initially put the grout in.

Cleaning the Travertine Surface

Sealing means that everything on the travertine surface will be sealed. Many people do not think about this aspect and assume that any little spots or even grout film can be cleaned at later date. They just simply get in too big of a hurry. Be certain that the travertine surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry before you begin sealing it.

Test a small area of the travertine in a low visibility spot. You want to be sure that the sealant that you bought is not going to leave any type of staining.

Test a small area and allow it to set for a minimum of forty-eight hours before doing the entire area. If there is no negative reaction with the travertine, complete the rest of the area and the project.

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