Trex Plastic Decking

Trex decking, a plastic decking that is made from wood waste products and reclaimed plastic, is durable and makes a perfect choice for applications like pool decking or landscaping. The reclaimed plastic component comes mostly from grocery bags and stretch film, and the waste wood is from woodworking manufacturers. Trex decking is offered in a wide range of colors and weathering formats.

Trex Decking or Plastic Decking

The two are not that dissimilar, but unlike plastic decking, which typically is 100% plastic, Trex composite decking is half plastic and half wood waste. Trex decking has a fully-transferable limited warranty which unmatched by any competing materials. The warranty protects against any material defect of their workmanship and materials, as well as against such incidents as splintering, splitting, decay, cracking, rot, and insect damage.

It is claimed by some that essentially any type of fasteners will work well with this form of plastic decking, although the most recommended is that of high quality screws or nails, such as stainless steel, ceramic coated, or hot-dipped galvanized.

You do not need special tools for this type of plastic decking. It can be drilled, cut, routed and nailed using standard tools. Not only that, but Trex plastic decking is also easy to paint or stain. Quality latex paints, as well as solid color stains, are recommended for this type of decking.


If at any time you find any stains on your Trex decking, a conventional deck wash which contains sodium hypochlorite usually works well. When it comes to tougher stains, such as grease and oil, it is advised that you use a detergent with a degreasing agent in it instead. In the case of ground-in dirt and grime or rust stains, you should use cleaners that contain phosphoric acid.

Trex decking has been tested with such things as insects and fire, and has proved through each test to meet the highest-quality standards possible in plastic decking. Also, due to its density, Trex decking is considered to be comparable to hardwoods as far as its weight, and when compared to such woods as redwood, cedar, and treated southern pine, Trex decking sometimes can even weigh up to twice as much as its counterparts.

It is easy to see how high-quality and truly affordable Trex decking is, along with their guaranteed warrantees and proof of durability. It is not difficult to see why Trex decking is one of North Americas leading plastic decking providers.

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