Decorate in a Tropical Flower Theme

Erythrina lysistemon flowerWhen decorating the living room, bathroom, or even the bedroom, consider a tropical flower theme. Through colors and accessories based on a tropical flower theme, you can create an island paradise right in your own home. Along with bright, often red or pink, tropical flower prints and accents, look for bamboo, palm tree, and animal accents. For instance, leopard print pillows are not out of place in a tropical flower living room. Anything exotic and tropical will coordinate.

Certain house plants can be used to accentuate the tropical flower look. The flowers themselves can be artificial if necessary, but lots of lush greenery helps to bring out that tropical flower jungle look. Rubber plants, huge split leaf philodendrons, and other familiar house plants can be grouped for a display that brings the outdoors inside.


One type of house plant that blooms and has colorful, tropical flower shaped leaves is a bromeliad. Bromeliads are tropical plants that grow as parasites on trees and require very little soil, if any. Related to the pineapple, some bromeliads can be planted in small pots, while others do better attached to a piece of wood and hung on the wall.

The tropical flower is attached to the piece of wood by first wrapping its root structures in sphagnum moss and holding it in place with plastic coated florist's wire. To keep the bromeliad healthy, spray the sphagnum moss daily with water. Don't let this tropical flower ever dry out completely.

For a special party or event, you can order a live tropical flower arrangement direct from Hawaii. Of course, these arrangements are not inexpensive, but a tropical flower bouquet can stay fresh looking for two or three weeks with proper care.

A tropical flower arrangement is first carefully chosen and arranged. After it arrives at your home, you should first immerse the entire tropical flower bouquet in water. The bathtub works well for this. You should cut a half inch from each stem bottom, too. Change the water in the vase each day and trim the stems of each tropical flower daily, too. Keep the tropical flower arrangement between 65 and 80 degrees and out of direct sunlight for the longest lasting beauty.

Photo by tree-species, Creative Commons Attribution License