Using a Tub Drain Wrench

One tool that may be needed for remodeling your bathroom is a tub drain wrench. Using a tub drain wrench will allow the homeowners to remove the drain from the bathtub without expending a great deal of energy, breaking the drain, or marring the finish of the tub. As a recently new innovation, many homeowners may not be aware of the tool or how much work and effort it can eliminate.

A tub drain wrench is typically constructed out of heavy duty aluminum for durability and strength. It is used to remove and install tub drains using a standard wrench or heavy duty screwdriver to maneuver the tub drain wrench to move the drain. The tub drain wrench can be used on numerous different types of tub drains, including those with and without crossbars.

Most tub drain wrenches are less than a foot long and weight around 10 ounces. They are heavy enough to withstand a great deal of pressure and are durable enough to last for a number of years.

There are a number of different manufacturers that have created different varieties of tub drain wrenches to be used for home improvement projects and the type that is chosen should be the one that can be used for your project (for installations, check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are getting the proper size) and the design of the tub drain wrench should be simple and easy to use.

Replace Tub Drain

The most common reason for purchasing a tub drain wrench is to, big surprise, remove or install a drain. Installing a new drain in an older tub is a very common home improvement project because, as bathtubs become older, the drain has a tendency to leak or become damaged.

Replacing the drain costs a great deal less than replacing the entire bathtub and the homeowner may be able to have the project completed the same day that the problem is noticed.

To replace a tub drain, you will need four items; a new drain, a tub drain wrench, a pair of pliers, and some Plumber’s Putty. All of these items can be found at a neighborhood home improvement store or national home improvement store chain. The sales associates at these stores will be able to assist you in finding the exact items that you will need.

The next step in replacing the tub drain is removing the stopper. The stopper should be gripped with the pliers and twisted in a counter clockwise direction until the stopper can be removed from the hole. The stopper should be set aside for the rest of the extraction.

Next, the drain will need to be removed from the hole. Using tub drain wrench, the end of the wrench should be placed into the hole and turned in a counter clockwise direction to first loosen, and then remove the old tub drain.

For some older bathtubs, it may be difficult to remove the drain using tub drain wrench due to the extended length of time the drain has been present and used in the tub.

Installing the New Drain

Installing the new drain should be a simple procedure. The new drain should be placed into the hole that the old drain previously occupied and tightened into place with the tub drain wrench. After the drain has been secured, the stopper is replaced by screwing it into the drain using a clockwise twist.

After replacing the stopper, the drain will need to be tested to ensure that it is working properly. There is nothing worse than believing that a home improvement job is complete only to find out much later that there is a problem and the project will need to be redone. To test the drain and stopper, set the stopper and fill the tub with about two inches of water. If the tub holds water, then your repair is complete.