Tumbled Marble Backsplash Tips

Anyone that has ever looked at home and garden magazines will be fully aware of the fact that there are fashions and trends in kitchen and bathroom renovations, some of which will never be popular because they are too kooky or not attractive enough. However, a current trend that has seemed to be in vogue for quite some time and appeals to the vast majority of homeowners is the tumbled marble backsplash.

Versatile and attractive, tumbled marble backsplash can contribute greatly to any kitchen or bathroom because it adds a warmth and homeliness that few other materials do. If you did choose it though, do you know how to care for it?

Believe it or not, using tumbled marble backsplash is a little more complex than you may think because you cannot just wipe it down every now and again and expect it to stay in first class condition. It does take some looking after. Having said that, it is infinitely worth investing the time and effort into looking after it because the effect it achieves in a visual capacity is second to none.

The following dos and don’ts will help you to look after your tumbled marble backsplash and ensure that it is still in excellent condition some years down the line.

DO Remove Liquids As Soon As They Spill

Tumbled marble backsplash is almost always porous and this can cause severe problems in a kitchen or a bathroom because you associate liquids with both rooms and the risk of spills is heightened. As such, you should pay careful attention to your backsplash and make sure that all spills are mopped up immediately because if left to settle they will be absorbed and, over time, this will cause damage. This is not to mention the fact that tea, coffee and other such liquids will stain if absorbed. Think of it like sandstone – vulnerable, and you have to protect it immediately.

DO Consider A Sealant

A sealant will help you to prevent against the above problem and is well worth the investment. Not only will it hinder and prevent absorption but it will stop stains settling. Of course, you should still clean up spillages immediately but a good sealant will buy you time.

DON’T Use A Household Cleaner On It

You should clean your tumbled marble backsplash at least once a week, preferably twice. All you have to do is rinse it with warm water but never use a household cleaner because most of those available are abrasive. If you use sop then it should not be acidic, but commercial polishes and cleaners are well worth investing in because they are specifically designed for this purpose.

DON’T Neglect Your Cleaning Regime

Never forget to clean your tumbled marble backsplash because it will come back to haunt you. Anything left on it can potentially stain it or cause wear over time and the problem is that the naked eye cannot pick up all slight marks. By cleaning regularly, you will get all stains and potential problems sorted out.

DO Find Out How to Remove Stains

You should always find out how to remove stains from tumbled marble backsplash because you cannot use regular cleaning products. Instead, use specialist stain removers that do not contain bleach. Poultice cleaners are ideal for this purpose.