Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Tips

If you’re considering decorating your kitchen in the warm and welcoming Tuscan style, here are some fantastic Tuscan kitchen decorating tips to consider while planning out your new Tuscan design:

Tuscan Kitchen Walls

    - Color: when choosing the wall colors for your Tuscan kitchen, remember that the Tuscan style is supposed to evoke a sense of warmth and create a casual atmosphere. Using whites, grays, or even a light yellow will help your walls to glow, and will accentuate some of the darker pieces typically found in a Tuscan kitchen design.

    - Tiling: hand painted tiles make a great addition to a Tuscan backsplash, especially if they create a mosaic pattern of grapes or olive trees against a rich Mediterranean landscape. If you’re thinking of a simpler look for your Tuscan kitchen, why not choose simple-designed hand painted tiles for some of your countertop surfaces?

Room Design

    - Island: an Italian kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a center island for people to gather and sit at, chatting while food is prepared and socializing in a cheerful atmosphere. Perhaps use the hand painted tiles as the island surface? Paint the island a deep brown, like an oak or rich sepia, and place some high, cast-iron chairs or stools around the island for guests to sit on.

    - Display Cabinets: one thing you absolutely can’t forget to include when decorating a Tuscan kitchen is the display area. Open shelves and free-standing cupboards are the perfect place to display handmade pottery or ceramic pieces, and you might even want to arrange your pots and pans inside these shelves, almost as if you were showing them off!

    - Spice Rack: while this may not seem like an essential element of room design, all Italian cooks adore their spices and would be lost without them! Proudly show off your collection of herbs and spices in antique but decorative bottles, and if you’re feeling especially creative, use large mason jars to display variously shaped and colored pastas and beans.

Tuscan Essentials

    - Kitchen Table: no Tuscan kitchen would be complete without a large, dark, wooden table for the family to eat at together. Although there needs to be enough room to move around in the kitchen without feeling cramped, the kitchen table should be a place for everyone to gather at the end of the day and share their experiences.

    - Light Fixtures: stay away from anything modern-looking, and focus on finding light fixtures with a rustic, antique look. While they don’t need to be actual antiques, anything that looks like wrought iron or lattice-work will give the room an authentic feel. Simple chandeliers with exposed bulbs also make a great Tuscan addition – but place some candles in ceramic holders in corners around the room as well, just to add that little extra element of Tuscan sentiment.

    - Window Treatment: Tuscan kitchen windows should have coverings that filter the sunlight through, but also allow the light to enter the room as much as possible. Natural sunlight will enhance the subtle shading of your warm colors, and really set off the feel of spending time in the Italian countryside. Use fabrics that are nearly sheer, or use cream translucent drapes to help provide that warm glow.

    - Utensil Display: one of the great things about a Tuscan kitchen decorative scheme is that you can display the most normal objects but have them look absolutely natural and fabulous. Invest in an iron-look display rack from which you can hang larger utensils, like spatulas, pasta stir-spoons, tongs, and so on. When you’re not using them, hang them up here for an easy and very cost-effective wall decoration.