Tuscan Kitchen Design

tuscan kitchen design ideasWanting a Tuscan kitchen design translates into a desire for a kitchen that emanates warmth and a friendly, casual style reminiscent of those found in that Italian locale. If this describes your ideal and your kitchen falls short, read on for a few tips to turn your favorite room into one with a Tuscan kitchen design.

Imported Italian or handpainted tiles provide one way to make your kitchen approach that of a Tuscan kitchen design. These wonderfully artistic decor pieces make countertops, backsplashes, and other focal points delightfully appealing. And if you're fortunate enough to own a kitchen-located fireplace, nothing says "Tuscan kitchen design" like these types of tiles surrounding it.

Include an island in your Tuscan kitchen design - large enough to accommodate more than only a couple of people. Italian kitchens include this as a standard feature. Friends and family members gather around this large island not only to help in food preparation, but for the wonderful camaraderie inherent in sharing the tasks of "kitchen duty".

A realistic Tuscan kitchen design includes a separate area reserved for baking. This location need not be physically removed from the kitchen, but should be something like an alcove or any spot not in the direct path of usual kitchen traffic. If large enough, add an antique cabinet or armoire (or one made to look antique!) for storing pans and other baking accoutrements.

To further incorporate a Tuscan kitchen design, display your herbs and spices proudly! This goes for different-shaped pastas, lentils, and beans, as well. These items look so inviting, especially when displayed in interesting containers made from ceramic, stone, and glass.

As a final touch to an authentic Tuscan kitchen design, reserve a space to show off Italian, or at least, Italian-inspired pottery. Choose a one- or two-color theme and stick with those hues in your selections of large, small, and medium-sized pottery that flatters your Tuscan kitchen design with an artistic touch.

And there you have it - a Tuscan kitchen design that would make any Italian cook proud! Now invite some friends over, call in the family, and enjoy!

A Kitchen in Tuscany

A Kitchen in Tuscany