Tuscany Kitchen Design

Tuscan decor is rich, warm and colorful. It is no wonder that Tuscany kitchen design is one of the hottest looks for kitchens. The use of color and texture is at the core of decorating in the Tuscan style.

Choosing Tuscan Colors

The beautiful, warm color palette for Tuscany kitchen design is found naturally in the Italian landscape, making your decor blend with nature. Any color found in nature can be part of your Tuscany kitchen design; earthy browns, warm yellows, rich golds, smoky greens, deep blues, luxurious reds and burnt oranges.

Match your Tuscany kitchen design colors to your climate. If you live in a cooler part of the world, try Tuscan red on the doors, window frames and shutters to add warmth and vitality. Balance a deep red with checked accents in blue, yellow or green.

Warmer climates benefit from greens and blues. These colors help cool the room. No matter what climate you live in white or cream-colored curtain sheers add to the design.

Applying the Tuscan Feel with Accent Pieces

If you can't afford an entire kitchen makeover, there are simple ways that you can incorporate Tuscany Kitchen Design. The first method is through the use of terra cotta. The color and the pottery make wonderful additions to your kitchen and give the room a warm and earthy feel.

Terra cotta trivets make a wonderful accent to your tables and countertops. Terra cotta planters and pots placed around the room filled with dried lavender, sunflowers or hydrangea breathe Tuscan life into your kitchen. Consider using small terra cotta pots to start a window sill herb garden to bring more of nature indoors.

Tuscan kitchens are known for colorful plate displays. Having your own plate display will help you tap into Tuscany kitchen design and is a simple way to change the look of your room. Choose a section of kitchen wall, and then start filling it with decorative plates.

Look at garage sales and second hand stores for colorful and interesting plates. You can even try shopping online and looking at Italian pottery shops. The point is to pick plates with visual interest. They don't have to match each other but they should rely on the Tuscan color scheme discussed earlier. Remember, colors in nature should be used primarily in the plates.

A Full-Scale Tuscan Makeover

If you have more of a budget for your kitchen, adding texture to the walls is the best way to add Tuscany kitchen design to your home. Tuscan style kitchens are rustic and aged, so you need not worry about imperfections. Apply a stucco texture to your walls, and then glaze it with yellow or cream.

A mural can accent your new walls. Hanging murals can bring a Tuscan landscape into your kitchen, and is the perfect solution if you don't have a window above your kitchen sink. A mural dressed up with curtains, or displayed in a salvaged metal gate can instantly bring a presence to your room.

One of the best things about Tuscany kitchen design is that it has a rustic feel. You won't need new cabinets for your Tuscan makeover. To update your cabinetry, try applying a deep red or green Tuscan stain on the doors, drawers and cabinets. Add brass or ceramic knobs or rustic drawer pulls to finish off the look.

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