Window Treatments For Tuscany Style Kitchens

tuscan windowYou can create window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens using materials usually found in any home. The Tuscany look is easy to achieve and can be done with little effort. If you have wanted widow treatments for Tuscany style kitchens, then here are a few suggestions to help you create a style that is sure to impress anyone.

A quick and simple way to create window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens would be to hang lime green roman shades in the windows while applying broken terra cotta pieces along the wall beside the windowsills. Apply the broken terra cotta pieces as you would mosaics, and for an array of color you can even color select pieces using any type of stain since terra cotta takes most stains well.

Faux Stucco Window Treatment

Another suggestion for window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens would be to take a heavy white cloth and apply a faux stucco finish. This cloth can then be draped over a metal rod with a faux rusty finish. To create a faux rusty finish on a metal rod, select a rod that would match the Tuscany style, apply a thin layer of rubber cement in random areas along the rod and then roll the rod in sand.

Allow 24 hours for this to dry completely, and then apply a dark stain on the rod to give it an aged look. Sand the rod in random places, and then apply gold leaf randomly to add a touch of Tuscany style sparkle.

Once your rod has dried completely, you will want to hang it on your window sill beforehand as you will need to hang the cloth with the faux stucco finish quickly once you prepare it. These types of window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens can be a bit messy, so protect your countertops and appliances before proceeding.

Measure the cloth to fit your window, allow extra length for the cloth to be draped over the rod. Apply a thin layer of drywall compound to one side of the cloth. You do not want the layer to be so thick as to make the cloth stiff as a board, but enough to add texture to the cloth.

You can use the serrated edges of a trowel to add a ridged texture to the cloth or you can wrinkle the cloth a bit with your hands for a truly unique stucco look.

Before the compound dries, you will want to drape the cloth over the rod and then leave it hanging to dry. It will dry stiff, but will still have an elegant flow to it. Once the compound has dried, you will then want to use chalk that is the color of dirt or sand to create an aged look to the stucco cloth.

You can achieve this color by mixing brown and white chalk together. Crush your chalk pieces together into a fine powder. Paint the chalk onto your stucco curtains using a wide soft brush.

Lightly flick chalk into the crevices of the stucco, and then spray with a clear sealant to help adhere the chalk. Although these types of window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens cannot be removed or cleaned easily, this is okay because it will help produce the aged look the longer that it hangs undisturbed.

Very Simple And Easy Window Treatment

If you are in a hurry and want to create window treatments for Tuscany style kitchens within minutes, you can do this simply by leaving the windows bare and setting terra cotta pots, vases and small urns on the windowsill. Although this is a simple window treatment, it looks astonishing when arranged with a variety of terra cotta items of different shapes and sizes.

photo of window view n Tuscany by Rob Annable