Two Level Deck Plans

Two level deck plans are very popular and essential for building a two level deck. It is important to be able to find a plan that will work well for you and for the design that you have in mind for your project. There are not only a lot of plans to select from but many options for finding the appropriate two level deck plans that you will need.

Decision about the Style

As you browse through the various two level deck plans available, you will notice that there are many different style options. You can have two levels that are approximately the same width.

You can have different depths between the levels. Another option is to have one level narrower than the other level. There are literally hundreds of options that you can use for a two level deck.

You need to decide what the deck area will be used for as its main purpose. Will you be having guests over to cook out steaks and burgers? Will you be relaxing on the deck with a few family members in the cool summer evenings?

Will the deck house and showcase your favorite container plants or even container herbs for cooking? Knowing the purpose or functionality of the deck will enable you to select the best option from the two level deck plans available.

Wood Selection

Different types of wood carry various price tags. You will need to decide what wood you want to use for the primary deck area. Select a wood that compliments your exterior house colors and is sturdy enough to support deck weight.

Some two level deck plans work better with only certain types of wood. Deciding your wood type will help you to eliminate plans that work better with a different lumber type than you have selected. Don't neglect to consider composite deck materials for part of your project.

Local Offline Library

Your local offline library will more than likely have a handful or more of home improvement how-to books. You can browse through these to pick up some ideas for your new deck. You might even find some two level deck plans that capture your attention and will work for your project.

Internet Library

There are many Internet libraries available at your finger tips. They are open all the time and your books are never over-due. You can conduct an internal search at one of these libraries to browse through their two level deck plans for home improvement.

Online and Offline Bookstores

Another place to view two level deck plans is through bookstores. The disadvantage to this approach is that you often have to purchase the books just to use one plan. However, the book probably has other wood home improvement plans and designs that you can use on other projects in the future.

Free Online Two Level Deck Plans

The best place to browse for two level deck plans is at the various Internet sites that offer free plans. Be careful though that you do not get charged a handling or process fee to download one of these plans. You should be able to download the plan and print it for no fees or hidden charges.

Qualities of a Good Plan

While you are browsing the various plans, look for one that offers many, many diagrams. Photos and diagrams make it easier to understand the project. Additionally, make sure that instructions are clear and concise so that you are not in the middle of the project and completely lost.


If possible find a two level deck plan that comes with an instructional video. Often you will have to pay a small fee for the video but it really helps to watch someone else construct the deck that you will be building.