How to Unclog a Commode

Although it is not one of lifes most pleasant tasks, having to unclog a commode or toilet is an inevitable chore. However, it needed be a complex task, nor need it involve a professional plumber. There are a number of ways in which you can deal with the situation on your own, and in this article, we aim to show you how.

The First Steps

The most important thing before trying to unclog a commode or toilet is to ensure it is in fact blocked. After discovering a blockage, ensure that the toilet is taken out of use until the problem can be rectified, as any additional usage will simply worsen the problem. Inform everyone likely to use the toilet that it is imperative they hold off for the duration, or leave a note on the toilet to ensure that it is not used in the interim period.

Next, try to obtain a plunger for mild blockages, or a toilet snake for more severe clogging. These can be obtained from any DIY or home store, and are also available widely across the internet, and range in price. It is a good idea to avoid the cheapest equipment, is this will simply not be as effective at solving your problem. Once you have all your equipment in place, and you have ensured the toilet will be out of commission for the duration, it is time to get down to the dirty work.

Unclogging the Blockage

Firstly when trying to unclog a commode or toilet, do not use drain cleaning chemicals to tackle blockages. This will only clog the toilet more, and mean that you cannot plunge because of the harmful toxic nature of these substances.

Begin by gently using the plunger to create a seal around the opening within the toilet, removing any excess water if necessary. Also consider lining the rim of the plunger with Vaseline, or similar to help create that seal. With gentle motions, push and pull the plunger to try and remove the blockage.

Try intermittent flushing of the toilet, as this will help clear away any debris should you successfully unblock the clogging. If this is unsuccessful, you may need to call on a toilet snake to help remove a more stubborn clog. The toilet snake is inserted into the toilet bowl and wound with a handle to try to dislodge the blockage.

It is important to take care when using the toilet snake, as it can damage the ceramics inside the toilet bowl, and again, intermittent flushing will help to clear away any residual blockage.

If you do not have success with either method, it is advisable to call in a plumber, who will be better placed to remove the blockage and restore your toilet to normal functionality. To unclog a commode or toilet does not require a great deal of skill or dexterity, but it does demand some good luck and some perseverance.

If you are patient, 9 times out of 10 you will see a positive result, and that has got to be worth saving the plumber rate. If you find you cannot unblock it, try a mixture of the two methods mentioned above, and remember to continually flush. This will help remove anything you have dislodged and will help you to breakdown the build up. It is a nasty job, but someone has to do it, so why not save yourself a great deal of cash and do it yourself?

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