Under Cabinet Low Voltage Lighting

One of the most popular forms of under cabinet low voltage lighting is button lights. Small and often times quite affordable, this type of lighting is a popular choice for many homeowners seeking functional lighting, as well as lighting that will add interest to their cabinetry. Often used with a dimmer, button lights can be a very versatile type of under cabinet low voltage lighting.

Are Button Lights Right for You

Button lights are a fabulous choice in under cabinet low voltage lighting if you are seeking an option that requires little maintenance. They will last longer than a standard lighting system, and a 20-watt bulb will put out approximately 85% of what a 50-Watt bulb will. While you are sacrificing a bit of strength, typically full strength lighting is not necessary for under cabinet lighting.

Button lights also offer wonderful versatility, as they can be surface installed, or recessed for added architectural interest. Installing a dimmer switch will not only conserve energy, but will broaden your options for the types of lighting you can achieve. Button lights are not only for under cabinet lighting, but can be used in ceilings, china cabinets, or other areas in your home that could benefit from specialized lighting.

Why Not Halogen

Button lights are an excellent choice for homeowners that will be using their under cabinet low voltage lighting consistently. Halogen lights have gained a bit of a reputation for overheating, and have a bit of a dangerous stigma surrounding them.

Modern lighting technology has allowed for low-voltage versions of this efficient type of lighting, and is giving homeowners new found faith in halogen once again. Button lights will never overheat, although constant use of your system will reduce the lifespan of your bulbs.

Under cabinet low voltage lighting is often used in bathrooms, and button lights are perfectly capable of functioning in damp conditions. These lights are not suitable for wet conditions, such as the ceiling above the shower, but would function beautifully in your storage or cabinet space in your bathroom.


Installing your under cabinet low voltage lighting requires skill and precision. Wiring must be run in very careful measurements, and the number of button lights you need to install will depend on both the length of the area, and the height from your counter. Consulting a professional for installation is certainly worth considering if you are not an experienced electrician.

There is no sense in endangering your family simply because you wanted to save a few bucks! While the use of low voltage button lights is remarkably safe, they must be installed properly to insure the safety of your home and family.

Whether it is for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or even motor-home, under cabinet low voltage lighting is always a great choice to add interest to your living (or working!) space. Button lights are a great way to implement low voltage halogen lighting to your area in a versatile, sensible manner. With a modern look, and practical features, this type of under cabinet lighting is no doubt a popular choice for good reason.

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