Under Cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lightingUnder cabinet lighting is an excellent choice for the today's kitchens. This type of lighting allows extra lighting in spaces where more lighting is needed without the requirement of harsh overhead lights all the time or without dealing with shadows created by the more traditional overhead lighting in most kitchens. Of course the idea of individual task lighting is not all together a new idea and the good news is that under cabinet lighting is not typically too terribly expensive to install.

Another great thing about under cabinet lighting is the money it saves in the long run. Overhead lighting tends to be hot which does raise the temperature in rooms over time. Slight though it may be, this does factor into the cost of cooling your homes during those uncomfortably warm summer months. The money saving benefits do not end there however.

The light fixtures themselves are very inexpensive and easy enough to install that most people will not require the expertise of a professional. But wait, there's more (does this seem oddly like the Ginsu knife infomercial?), in addition to these light fixtures not producing heat, being inexpensive to purchase and install, they also utilize less energy than overhead lighting so they are cheaper to use, which will save a lot of money over the coming years.

Where to Find Under Cabinet Lighting

You can find the fixtures and kits needed in order to install under cabinet lighting at most home improvement or hardware stores. You can find all kinds of kits from the very basic kits to those that are a little more artistically rendered. You need to set a budget for your lighting and stick to it. This type of lighting is traditionally less expensive than overhead lighting but if you elect to have several cabinets with lighting and choose the most expensive variety of light fixtures, the money can add up quickly.

In addition to local stores, you can find some excellent bargains online. If you are a truly savvy shopper you will find the lowest price online and then use that price to bargain with local suppliers. They will be much more willing to bargain with you than larger companies and you may find that they are often willing to meet the price of online competitors or at the very least throw in some other goodies and/or lighting accessories or free.

Things to Know Before you Buy

Before you decide on the specific fixture for your under counter lighting you need to know what kind of lighting you wish to use and make sure that the fixtures you choose will work for that specific type of lighting. Many people choose fluorescent lighting for the low cost and halogen lighting is the second most popular choice. If you wish to light your room with either of these be sure that you can accommodate them with the fixtures you select.

You should also know how many fixtures you will need. While many people like the appeal of under cabinet lighting for each of their cabinets, the truth is that that may be a bit of over kill. Depending on how the workspace in your kitchen is set up, it may even be highly inefficient. Decide where you need the light and don't overdo it if you don't have to, less is sometimes more, especially when it comes to lighting.

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