Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Many people choose to get undermount kitchen sinks put into their kitchens and they never regret it while other people do. There are some pros and cons of undermount kitchen sinks and you should go over these carefully before you make your final decision.

One of the benefits of undermount kitchen sinks is that they can give you a fair bit more counter space. If you already have a small counter this may be the solution you have been looking for. Unlike the self-rimming sink there will be no added rim on the top of the counter. This is because undermount kitchen sinks are mounted under the counter, thus the name.

    Undermount kitchen sinks should not be used with all countertops however. If you are using Formica then you need to get a self-rimming sink. The only materials that under counter models will work well with are surfaces such as marble or granite.

Since the undermount kitchen sinks mount under the counter this can lead to some problems over time. Gravity is a powerful force and it will go to work on your sink as time goes on and this can lead to the sink coming away from the countertop. Once the seal breaks that can lead to water getting into all kinds of places that it should not be getting into. So you will need to keep an eye on this.

If you purchased the self-rimmed sink instead of the undermount type kitchen sink you would not have this kind of problem because they sit on top of the counter. They have a larger rim that will hold it in place.

When you are shopping for a new kitchen sink you need to take a look at all of your options. Do not just look at one kind of sink, take stock of what is out there and try to envision it in your home. What do you think will work best for you? Is it the self-rimming sinks or undermount kitchen sinks? This is a decision that you will have to live with for a long time so don't rush into anything.

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