Unfinished Basement Ideas For Decorating

decorated unfinished basementThere is nothing worse than starting to renovate a room and running out of ideas when it comes to the décor. Having plans for that particular room is all well and good but no room is complete until the finishing touches have been added to it. You have a chance to do something creative with a blank canvas so do not waste it.

Having an unfinished basement and ideas for decorating is a prime and popular example because so many people are resolving to turn their empty space into a feature of the house. There is more than enough scope for creativity in that particular space so take the opportunity with some of the ideas below.

Start With The Basics

Before you begin to plan and act upon ideas for decorating an unfinished basement, plan out your colour scheme. This may be based on a particular look or style that you want to achieve, but the lack of natural light in many basements has to be taken into consideration.

Taking swatches and trial paint pots down there may help you to decide. Artificial light distorts colour so planning in advance and testing out some ideas will help you to achieve the look you want first time.


The walls of your unfinished basement, when coupled with ideas for decorating, hold a lot of promise. You may well want to make the room look bigger because of the lack of windows in there.

Try installing wooden panelling on one or two of the walls to break up blocks of colour that could swamp it. Material walls may also help to brighten up the room. Try hanging swathes of material on the walls to see what sort of effect it gives you.

Images is could also be used to complete an unfinished basement. Ideas for decorating could include a wall painted as a mural, or even having a photograph customized into wallpaper for a certain area of the wall. This is innovative, but the services do exist to allow that to become a reality.


Having one bright light in a confined space may be a little harsh so an idea for decorating an unfinished basement may be to have several lamps spaced out around the room. On the other hand, you could always find a light fitting with glazed glass to dim the glare somewhat. It is your space to create whatever ambience you choose.


Do not use carpet to cover a basement floor. It traps moisture and so may cause a problem with damp after just a few months. Similarly, tiling may trap the cold and make the unfinished basement itself seem uninviting. There are other types of flooring out there that make good ideas for decorating though.

Snap together flooring or laminate flooring can have underlay, which holds in the heat, but neither encourage damp. Both types are available in a variety of shades and so can be tailored to the rest of your colour scheme. If you do want a homely feel, layer thick or plush rugs on top of the laminate or snap together flooring. Doing this allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Ideas for decorating an unfinished basement can get as creative or minimalist as you like. Again, it is your space to do what you please with. It is not very often that you get a blank canvas, so go wild and enjoy it while you can.

Photo by showmeone/CreativeCommons