Upholstering Cornice Boards

In this article we are going to discover how to upholster cornice boards. For those of you that are not familiar with cornice boards, they are unique boards made to fit above a window frame that are cut to shape, upholstered, decorated and hung above the window. There are lots of kits available to make many different cornice designs. In this article we will concentrate mostly on upholstering the cornice boards; that seems to be the part of making them that people on this site have the most questions about.

Once you have your cornice board cut and shaped, you are ready to begin the upholstering process and we are here to guide you each step of the way. Here is how:

1. Figure out what size piece of fabric you need by measuring the cornice. Take the length and add the width/depth times two to it and add another six inches for room for staples and folds, so if your board is 48 inches long and 7 inches deep you add 48 + 7 + 7 + 6 and hopefully get 68. Then add up the height in a similar fashion. For height you will take the height of the face, plus the depth times two, plus another six inches for stapling and folding room. So if your cornice is 12 inches high and we already determined it was 7 inches deep, so you would take 12 + 7+ 7 + 6 and if you did it right, you will end up with a total height of 32 inches. Okay, so now you have your size of 68 by 32 inches.

2. Determine whether you will be using a padding and cut out the batting for that as well to the same size as the fabric. So, cut out both the fabric and batting to the dimensions determined in step one.

3. Lay out your fabric on your work table face down with the batting on top if you use it.

4. Spray the face and sides of the cornice board with spray adhesive.

5. Center the cornice board face down on top of your carefully laid out fabric.

6. Begin in the center of the cornice board and pull the fabric and batting together up and around to the back of the board where you will staple the excess fabric.

7. Keeping the fabric stretched tight, work your way from the center to both corners placing a staple about every one half inch along the way.

8. Wrap the sides of the cornice board the same way starting at the center and working your way to the corners. Wrap your corners in a similar fashion as you would when wrapping a gift. Take your time and be neat and careful so it looks nice.

9. Continue stapling to both corners as before.

10. Trim off any extra cloth and/or batting and you are done.

That is how you can upholster a simple cornice board. Start simple and learn your tips and tricks along the way as you would with any craft or trade you start. You’ll think of all types of unique ideas once you start. You will eventually learn to work with a second layer to make neat designs.

You can also sew in other things to you fabric to add accents and neat patterns and what not. Beads can be great when mixed in with your designs as well. Expand your horizons and get creative when designing your cornice boards. The possibilities truly are endless. Most of all, have fun doing it and take your time.

This can be a great hobby and once you master upholstering the cornice boards, who knows what you will want to upholster next. You can upholster ottomans, headboards, foot rests and even couches and chairs. Upholstering furniture can be great fun and add a real hint of class and distinguished interior design to your home at the same time! So good luck on all your upholstering projects and design you as your heart desires.

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