Urban Compost Tumbler

The Urban Compost Tumbler exemplifies how one nifty little product can be a lifesaver for those city dwellers who grow their own veggies and flowers. Doing the same thing that regular, full-sized composters do in less time and with less effort makes the Urban Compost Tumbler a hands-down favorite.

Most people living in the city do not have the yard space or the time to make compost material using traditional units like compost bins. Other problems involve attracting animal pests, unwanted odors, and some neighborhoods even enforce ordinances that ban the typical backyard composting system. But the Urban Compost Tumbler solves those issues with the way it operates and with its patented design.

Pest Proof

Fully enclosed, the Urban Compost Tumbler makes pest invasion impossible. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and other animals simply cannot take off the lid, plus the unit sits up off the ground, making accessibility to animals even more difficult. One of the best advantages of the Urban Compost Tumbler lies in its ease of use, however; so although animals cannot get into it, people easily can.

The Urban Compost Tumbler incorporates the use of an internal aeration system that is key to its operation. In addition, it also utilizes a turning bar inside the unit to speed up the dispersion of oxygen, which aids in the quick decomposition of materials. And although the Urban Compost Tumbler weighs only 61 pounds, it can product up to 71 gallons of composted material in only 13 days!

With the Urban Compost Tumbler, you never have to worry about rust or metal parts wearing out. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it even comes protected from the suns ultraviolet rays. At only 43 inches tall, 33 inches wide, and 34¼ inches long, it is easy to tuck the Urban Compost Tumbler into an out-of-the-way corner of your yard, in the garage, or off to the side of your home.

You can find the Urban Compost Tumbler at a number of places online. Here are a few:


All these Web sites offer the Urban Compost Tumbler for one good reason: It works!

So go ahead and check out the Urban Compost Tumbler and get started on the right track to making all the compost you need for your yard and garden needs. It is easy, earth-friendly, and even fun to use the Urban Compost Tumbler. Just try it.