Using a Portable Swamp Cooler

The majority of homes and businesses have air conditioning units installed and on come rain or shine. After all, they do make living in a humid or stuffy climate much easier. However, if you do not have an air conditioning unit or are thinking of switching to another method of cooling then you may want to consider using a portable swamp cooler.

You may or may not have heard of a portable swamp cooler before but it is basically another name for the evaporative air cooler. As such, it will actually add moisture or humidity to the air in a specific room to make it a more comfortable environment for you to be in.

As they are portable, you can take them everywhere with you. You can take it to work, take it on vacation and even move it from room to room with you as you move through your home. This makes ensuring your own comfort a lot easier because you do not have to switch air conditioning units on and off as you go or use more energy than you actually need cooling your own home when it is not necessary.

How They Work

The portable swamp cooler is certainly a cheaper way of ensuring that you are nice and cool no matter what the weather outside, and it works on a very specific but effective mechanism to enable it to provide you with that relief. When it is switched on, the swamp cooler will pass hot air through damp pads. This in itself will cool that air by around 30 degrees.

The pads also have a duel function because they serve to purify the air as a result of their qualities as ionisers. They attract dust, dirt and bacteria particles and retain them so they do not re-enter the air in the room. As such, you do not breathe them in.

As the cooler circulated clean and cool air in a room, the overall temperature and clarity of the air will improve until it reaches its optimal levels. You can of course control the optimum temperature via the control panel on the cooler.

Working Requirements

In order for the portable swamp cooler to work, it actually only needs three elements. The first is an active supply of energy. Believe it or not, this mechanism does not take up a lot of energy at all. In fact, it can be plugged into any standard 120V socket so it is easy to use wherever you go. Not all air conditioners have that so it is a definite advantage.

The second requirement is hot air. It will literally work wherever there is hot air for it to cool. As the water actually evaporates and cools the air, it will also need water but you can fill it up as regularly as you want with pure water.

If the air is cooler then it will not work because it will not be warm enough to have an effect on the water. This prevents it from being used needlessly as many air conditioners often are, but it also gives it the advantage of usability outdoors.

If you are having a BBQ or gathering then you could have it cooling the area outside. As such, there is a whole host of advantages that are associated with the portable swamp cooler that make it worthy of investigating further.

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