UV Pond Filter Benefits

A UV pond filter will help reduce algae in your pond. The Ultraviolet light will make the algae stick together, and then it can be passed through the pond filter and removed.

UV Pond Filter and Biological Filtration: A Winning Combination

When you use a UV pond filter with Biological Filtration, you are ensuring that the algae will be clumped together, and then the bacteria can feed on them, breaking them down. This will ensure that your pond is clean, clear, and healthy for all of your living organisms.

You may be surprised to discover that UV pond filtrations systems are so advanced, that many system manufacturers will offer you a guarantee. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your pond water remains crystal clear and does not turn the dreaded green color.

UV Pond Filter: Clarity is Key

When using your UV pond filter, you will discover that the primary function and benefit is the clarity that it gives to your pond. You will choose your UV filter system based upon the size of your pond and how much water your pond holds. Each UV pond filter and clarification system is different and you will need to follow the manufactures instructions and directions for maximum benefit.

However, the UV pond filter will kill green algae, and clean the water by using ultraviolet light. When the filter is combined with a biological filtration system, you can rest assured that your pond will remain clean and clear and a healthy environment for your aquatic fish and plants. You may find that your UV pond filter provides the most benefit if it is allowed to run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

You should also make sure that the bulb is new, so it is important to maintain a routine of continuously changing the bulb. You should change the bulb at least twice a year.

It is important to realize that your UV pond filter will kill bacteria. This includes healthy bacteria as well. It will not kill parasites that are currently on a fish or living organism, but it will kill algae and organisms that are in a free floating state. If you are treating your fish with any medications, you should not run the UV pond filter until after the treatment is complete.

UV Pond Filter Safety

It is important to recognize that you should use a UV pond filter with safety precautions. If you need to work on the equipment or service it, be sure to always make sure that it is unplugged first. You should regularly check over your filter to make sure that all pieces are in working order as well. The ultraviolet bulb does hole potential damage to your eyes, so make sure that you never look directly into the light bulb.

Sterilization and clarification are two qualities that every pond must have. By using the power of ultra violet rays, you can ensure that your pond will be sanitized and algae free. You will also find that there are many systems that can be upgraded to accommodate the needs of ponds that are growing in size. Keeping your pond free of harmful bacteria and algae will keep your fish and plants healthy, happy, and beautiful.

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