UV Pond Light Enhances Your Pond

If you have a pond in your back yard then you will probably know just how annoying it can be when you cannot see your pond life for the algae that turns it green. If you are thinking of having a pond added to your garden design then you should also think about solutions to that particular problem before it arises. Installing an ultraviolet or UV pond light will enable you to bypass the problem of algae by making sure that it never actually occurs in the first place.

A UV pond light actually works as a clarifier in any given pond. It is the ultraviolet light that encourages algae to congregate in the same area of the pond so that your pond filter can actually detect and identify it and filter it out of the water.

If algae are left to float freely then the filter will not pick it up and your pond will turn green. A UV pond light will effectively prevent this and save you hours of toil further down the road to remove the pesky stuff.

UV Pond Light Considerations

There are a number of factors that you should consider before buying a UV pond light for your pond. The first and main one is the size of your pond because that will determine the size of your UV pond light.

If your light does double up as a clarifier, in which case it will have water flowing through it in some way, shape or form, then it should have a flow rate of half of the pond every hour or more if possible. Putting a small light in a big pond would obviously not encourage that so you do have to keep your light in direct proportion with the pond itself.

Another factor is the aesthetic affect you want. A soft light is not enough for some people but a floodlight is not always appropriate so it is essential that you decide what you want from a UV pond light before you go out to buy one.

A third factor for consideration when buying a UV pond light is how quickly you would be able to get to the UV light bulb to change it when necessary. With some poorly designed lights it can take quite a while to get to it, which is a hassle that you do not need. However, a high quality UV light would be well designed to allow you easy access. This particular feature is worth paying more for.

Types Of UV Pond Light

There are various types of UV pond light, including those combined with a clarifier or filter and standalone ones that may serve the same function by highlighting algae but only truly act as decoration. Again, the type you believe is for you is all down to personal preference and what it is that you want from your UV pond light.

Decorative UV pond lights come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most awe inspiring ones are the fountainhead pond lights. They are attached to some sort of filter but it is usually solely there to create a fountain-like motion in the water, These can be tailored to suit your individual wants. You may want a fountain effect or a bubble effect – ether way it is up to you. Whatever type of light you choose, the effect and function you want can be achieved with just a little consideration and thought.

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