Ultra Violet Water Filter Systems

Ultra violet water filter systems are used to purify water in order to remove bacteria and make the water drinkable. UV offers a popular filtration system because not only does it remove bacteria it does so without relying on heat or chemicals, which could change the water. UV water filtration systems work by using ultraviolet radiation. This radiation changes the property of living matter. There are several types of UV filters which include long-wave, middle-wave, and short-wave.

Long and middle wave ultra violet light occurs in sunlight and does not have any ability to change the composition of water by removing germs from it. Short-wave UV light is what is used when you hear ultra violet water filter systems.

Short-wave UV is used to remove bacteria, mold, viruses and other germicides in both the air and the water. However, unlike the other forms of UV light short-wave light is created through the use of a mercury vapor lamp.

Vapor Lamps

Also known as germicidal lamps, a vapor lamp allows for a strong surge of short-wave UV energy. These lamps are made of a special type of glass that allows at least 70% of UV rays to pass through them. These glasses are what UV filtration possible. Of course, more is needed besides the glass to make the lamp work properly.

The basic theory is that an arc of electricity moves through a gas carrier in a sealed tube. Heat from the electricity will vaporize the mercury that is inside the glass tube. The mercury, once vaporized, resides within the electricity and will give off the necessary UV radiation in order to filter the bacteria from water.

If you are considering buying an ultra violet water filtration system there are several things you need to consider before purchasing a unit. Obviously, you are going to want to purchase the best unit for you money and in order to do that you should look for the following things.

Ability to expand

You are going to want a water filter system that is uniform. This will allow parts to be exchanged and upgraded as the system changes.

Protection Sleeves

If a lamp lacks a protection sleeve then cold water is allowed to go through the lamp and reduce the temperature, which will yield the high level of radiation and make it weaker. However, a quartz protection sleeve will allow the lamp to run at a higher temperature, which will better filter the colder water.

Single Lamp

Look for a single lamp in your future UV water filter because it will offer greater safety and it will be more accurate when it comes to monitoring and destroying germs.


Many units offer something called a mechanical wiper. This allows you to clean the surface sleeve without taking the system apart. All you need to do it activate the wiper. The filter does not need to be turned off or taken apart.

Sight Port

This feature will allow you to see the lamp and you will be able to watch how it works. In addition, you will be able to adapt the monitor device through the use of the sight port.

Additional Accessories

Ultra violet water filter systems offer a number of accessories that will enhance your machine. You want to make sure that you choose a model that allows for expansion. Some accessories you might want will include electronic shut-off valves, light bulb monitors, and flow controllers.

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