How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner

Does your vacuum cleaner still run but leaves dust and dirt on the floor? Then you may be able to fix it yourself. The problem should be either the drive belt, or some obstruction. If the brush slips or won't turn when the motor is on, the belt is worn or broken and must be replaced. Now put your hand over the vacuum hose end and turn on the cleaner- is the suction feeble? Most likely some part inside your vacuum cleaner is blocked.

Fixing a Drive Belt

- Unplug your vacuum cleaner and flip it over so you can see the agitator brush. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the brush cover plate. You should now be able to remove the brush by lifting its ends from the retaining slots. The drive belt should be threaded around the brush at one end and around the drive shaft at the other end, unless it is broken. Just slip the belt off of each end to remove it. Take the belt, along with vacuum cleaner make and model name, to a hardware store or vacuum cleaner shop and ask for a replacement belt.

- Before you install your brand new drive belt, have a look at the brush and make sure there are not any hairs, threads or strings wrapped around it, since they can stop the brush from doing its job. Cut them away with a knife or scissors carefully if there are any.

- Replace the belt with the new one by slipping one end on the brush and the other end on the motor drive shaft like you remember it was before. Install the agitator brush. You might need to stretch the new belt out a little so the roller ends fit into the slots again Do not forget to replace the cover plate you removed at the start.

Clearing out Obstructions

- Have look at the machines hose, the extension tubes, and cleaning ends to see if you can find the blockage. Debris and dust usually build-up at the connections from one to the other part. And also where the hose connects to the main body. Clean the parts and remove any foreign objects or obstructions. Get a long pole like a broomstick and push a paper towel through the hose. Put the parts back together and try running the vacuum again, putting your hand over the hose end.
- Always empty the vacuum cleaner when the canister or bag gets to be about three-quarters full, or dirt and debris can impede suction.