Vacuum Cleaners

Most people have them in their homes, yet we don't often think of their history, or even how miserable our lives would be without them, yes, I am talking about vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners use an air pump to create a suction or vacuum that will pick up dirt and debris from both carpeting and floors. In the year 1869, the first patent for a "sweeping machine" was given to Ives McGaffey. The "sweeping machine" did in fact clean rugs and therefore was the first patented vacuum cleaners.

During the year 1907, a janitor in Canton, Ohio by the name of James Spangler deduced that his "sweeping machine" was the source of his irritating cough. He then invented a fan-based motor that connected to a soapbox that attached to the handle of a broom. He used a pillowcase as a "vacuum bag" to collect the dust. His suction based vacuum bag was patented in 1908, and offered additional improvements such as a cloth bag and attachments.

William Hoover

James Spangler named his company, The Electric Suction Sweeper Company. One of James Spangler's first investors was his cousin's husband whose name was, William Hoover. William Hoover became the president of the company, and under his marketing strategies, soon every home had a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners: How they Have Evolved?

Today, vacuum cleaners are standard for households. Gone are the days of believing that the vacuum cleaner was a source of coughing and irritation, and in fact, the use of a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for the removal of allergens and dust in the home environment.

Today's assortment of vacuum cleaners include everything from bagels to vacuum cleaners equipped with headlights. One of the latest features from Hoover vacuum cleaners are the line of "steam vacuums".

These steam vacuum cleaners provide deep cleaning and come with scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, and provide heavy duty cleaning in many hard to reach areas. Another area where vacuum cleaners have taken a modern turn is in the form of heavy-duty hard wood cleaners. These vacuums are safe to use on floors and provide heavy-duty cleaning for all of your floor needs.