Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic look that has been around for many years. Years ago, about the only option for Venetian blinds was white metal with two inch slats and cotton cord controls. They looked businesslike and efficient, but hardly conducive to warm friendly interaction in the home.

Fast forward to the 21st century, though, and the choices in Venetian blinds are wide, varied, and definitely fashionable for the home. Venetian blinds can still be purchased with durable metal slats, but they are available in a large array of stylish colors now. Not only that, but Venetian blinds are also available in other materials and slat sizes.

Mini and Micro Blinds

Venetian blinds with 1-inch slats are generally known as mini blinds, and 1/2 inch slats are called micro blinds. Slats can also be wider than two inches, with 2 1/2 inches being seen in some cases. Elegant and expensive, Venetian blinds can be made in genuine hardwoods in a variety of finishes. These are as warm and classic looking as fine furniture. However, they are subject to damage and warping if subjected to sunlight and humidity.

Material Choices

A new option in Venetian blinds is the faux wood blind. These come in a composite material made of man made components with genuine wood bonded to the surfaces. They are also available in a completely artificial plastic type material that is very durable and less expensive than the composite type.

Another material used in Venetian blinds is PVC plastic. Blinds of this material are often textured to resemble fabric. This makes them easy to coordinate with valances, sheers, and other window dressings. Other advantages of this style of blind are an ability to shut out sunshine, while letting in breezes.

Interestingly, Venetian blinds are called that because they were used in Venice, Italy as long ago as the 1600's. The Venetian citizens used the blinds to protect the interiors of their homes from the sunlight that reflected off the water in the canals for which the city of Venice is famous.

Traditionally operated by ropes and pulleys, some of the modern Venetian blinds are controlled by battery operated power packs. You can even adjust your Venetian blinds by remote control in some cases. The cords on standard models are often designed to break away if an inquisitive child or pet gets tangled in them. The cords of Venetian blinds have been indicated in some accidents with children, but new innovations are making them safer.