Veranda Decking

Veranda decking is composite decking, and a comparatively recent adjunct to the decking market. Even now it's now winning many converts over to its benefits and features, regardless of having a slightly higher initial price. Nonetheless, such features are enough to make people think twice, and help in increasing its share of the decking market in relation to traditional wood decking. To consider veranda decking you should consider these features as well.

The fact that veranda decking is a composite product made from wood fibers and plastic, is at the center of the many of the benefits carrying veranda decking into the spotlight. It gives it unusual properties lending themselves to a wide variety of environments and usages.

Veranda Decking Benefits

The extrusion technique that produces veranda decking allows for reversibility. One surface has a wood grain pattern while the other has a ridged texture. Both provide both traction and good aesthetics. However, each one emphasizes one quality or the other: the wood grain gives a warm appearance evoking the texture of real wood, while the other is built for more traction. This versatility can be one significant feature winning over people to choose veranda decking over the other materials.

Composite Decking Ingredients

Moreover, the plastic base helps the wood component resist the elements better with less maintenance needed. For many people, this alone is reason enough for the purchase veranda decking. In the long run, not having yearly resealing and maintenance costs can offset the higher initial outlay on the material. Many of these owners see this as an environmental benefit as well.

This plastic base is blended in with wood fibers, by and large in the form of sawdust, left over from the manufacturing of other wood products. Thus trees don't have to be cut down in order to produce composite products. Many owners are keen on this fact, as they are protecting the environment in multiple ways.

People also choose veranda decking for the broad range of forms it is available in. It comes as not only many plank lengths for supporting whatever size of deck you may be setting up, but it also comes in many pre-molded trim pieces, from post caps to bases that trim the deck as well. With these, it is easy to finish out the deck or even an interior room, without all the miter cuts you need to make with real wood. Ease like this has tempted many of the owners to veranda decking; making having a finished deck for so much less work within reach for everyone.

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