Vessel Bowl Sinks

Vessel Bowl SinkBathroom design has come a long way. There was a time when the decor of a bathroom had more to do with tiles and faucets than anything else. Nowadays, lighting is a big consideration, and so are the actual fittings, which are more like furniture; some minimalist, some absolutely exquisite.

Astounding Bathroom Decor Options

Vessel bowl sinks are becoming increasingly popular because they permit total individuality of design and much more opportunity for creativity. They can be manufactured by traditional companies, or handcrafted by artisans, as long as industry standards for safety and usage are met.

Vessel bowl sink basins can be made of glass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, marble, stone, porcelain and other materials and can be embellished with engravings, hand painting, etching and numerous finishes beyond those.

Shapes, colors and styles

A vessel bowl sink can be square, rectangular, round, oval or even irregularly shaped. They can look like an fine fruit bowl perched atop your bathroom cabinetry or like an ancient foot bowl used in the Middle East centuries ago. Colors can be chosen to fit precisely with the rest of the rooms scheme since some companies can customize and create exactly what the customer is looking for.


To ensure best results, both aesthetically and functionally, it is best to have a licensed plumber install vessel bowl sinks. Leaks can occur when any kind of sink is not sealed properly, and a job done poorly can leave sealers visible.

Your plumber will know the best substances to use for the material your vessel bowl sink is made of. He will also know not to over-tighten any attachments because this will place stress on the sink and could ultimately result in cracking if a person leans on it while brushing teeth, or shaving for instance.


As with any sinks, care must be taken to ensure the surface is not scratched, etched or damaged in any other way by cleaning. Always use products that the manufacturer suggests, particularly if you have chosen vessel bowl sinks made of a material that is not usually used in bathroom design, such as Mexican copper.

Popular styles and prices

Vessel bowl sinks range from simple designs through to elaborate concoctions, and their prices vary accordingly. Here is an idea of what you can expect to pay:

    A standard, white, round ceramic bowl-shaped sink with no overflow starts at around $150, not including installation.

Slightly more expensive at around $180 are round bowls made of glass, with or without overflows and with or without etching or frosting. These can be bought painted, in off-the-shelf designs such as bright colors, floral designs and even a cool soccer ball design!

For $425, you can buy a stunning Mexican copper vessel bowl sink, either with a high or low sheen. They are surprisingly low maintenance and create a very unusual look for the bathroom.

How would you like a vessel bowl sink handcrafted of hardwood and kiln dried for durability? Superb visual appeal and amazingly easy to look after; prepare to spend in excess of $750.

If you have plenty of money to splash out on bathroom decor, there are even vessel bowl sinks that cost around the $2,500 mark. These are handcrafted bronze bowls with the most glorious finish imaginable.

When it comes to choosing vessel bowl sinks, you can stay at the budget end of the range or let your imagination soar. Washing your hands and brushing your teeth was never more glamorous!

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Sink Photo by Michael Lehenbauer , Creative Commons Attribution License