Vessel Bowl Sinks

Vessel bowl sinks are a beautiful and elegant addition to a home. As bathrooms are becoming more and more important in a home, people are spending a lot more time and effort into decorating them.

People spend a lot of relaxation time in the bathroom, using it as a haven to relax and enjoy a hot bath or as a dressing area. Because so much time is spent in there, many people decorate their bathrooms as elegantly as the rest of their home. Vessel bowl sinks are a nice way to add to the decor of the bathroom or a nice way to add a sink into another area and keep it looking nice.

Vessel sinks are also great additions to areas that not attached to a bathroom. For example, you can add vessel bowl sinks in a hallway near an outside entrance. This way, when someone comes inside form out, they can wash their hands and not have to disturb anyone in the bathroom.

The vessel bowl sinks look like artwork and can be masked to look like a hall table with a decorative bowl on top of it. The added functionality of being used as a sink, makes vessel bowl sinks that much more appealing.

In bathrooms, you can use vessel bowl sinks to increase available space for storage while maintaining a functional area for a sink. By far the most popular place to use vessel bowl sinks is in powder rooms or half bathrooms. These are perfect for a guest room or powder room.

There are many different types of vessel bowl sinks.

  • Glass
  • Hand Painted
  • Modern
  • Art Deco look
  • Classic look

The cost of vessel bowl sinks varies greatly depending on how ornate a sink you want. The more elaborate the sink is, generally the more expensive it is also. However, it is a beautiful investment and well worth the expense. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or adding a completely new feature in your home, look at vessel bowl sinks as an alternative to traditional sinks.

If you enjoy do it yourself projects, you can also convert any decorative bowl into your own sink. If you have always wanted one of the vessel bowl sinks because you feel it adds a bit of charm and sophistication to your bathroom or sink area but you are wary of paying the high prices generally associated with them, try to make one.

If you have a general understanding of plumbing, you should be able to accomplish this in a weekend. You will need to have a bowl that is large enough for you to be able to comfortably wash your hands in. You will need to have a hole in the bowl drilled that will fit a stopper if you want one. You will need to follow the instructions for the plumbing part of the sink and securely attach the bowl to whatever base you would like.

It is best if you draw out your plans before hand so you have an idea of what you want to do. Be careful in converting very expensive bowls because without proper tools you may break or chip the bowl. If in doubt, you can have a professional drill the hold in the bottom of the bowl.

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