Vinyl Fence Installation

A good way to increase the beauty and value of your property is through vinyl fence installation. There are a wide range of styles to pick from. Vinyl can be crafted to look like natural materials such as wrought iron or wood, but it is lightweight, durable, and weather resistant. For a fence that will never need painting, vinyl fence installation is a good choice.

Before vinyl fence installation, there are a few things you need to do. For one thing, you need to call the authorities in your area to make sure you will not be digging where there are underground pipelines, telephone wires, or other utility structures. Find out about building codes and zoning that may prohibit you from installing a fence. Of course, you need to be sure about your property lines. Discussing the fence with your next door neighbors is a thoughtful gesture, too.

As a do it yourself project, vinyl fence installation requires intermediate skills. Vinyl fence styles include privacy fences in many variations, picket fences, post and rail fences, and a type called a "shadowbox." This type of vinyl fence looks attractive on both sides, and is nice to use on property lines between your own home and your neighbors'.

When laying out the plans for vinyl fence installation, start with the plans on paper. This is good advice for any DIY project. When it goes beyond paper and into the yard, it is good to use a string to help you make straight lines. This in turn will help you dig your post holes in a straight line.

In vinyl fence installation, the holes should be dug 10 inches in diameter and as deep as the instructions say. Before digging the holes, however, it's smart to lay out the fence to make sure about the placement of the holes. Make sure each hole is the same depth so the posts will be even on the tops. You should place about 6 inches of gravel in the bottom of each post hole. Corner posts need deeper holes.

The posts are held in place with quick setting concrete mixed according to package directions. Let the concrete cure a couple of days before proceeding with the rest of the vinyl fence installation. Follow the specific directions for finishing the fence. Sometimes it is a matter of snapping things together like a big puzzle. Other times, screws are used to attach the fence panels to the posts.

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