Vinyl Garage Flooring

Don’t overlook vinyl garage flooring if you’re tired of looking at the cracks, pits, and stains on your garage floor. Instead of steam cleaning, painting, or even pouring a new (expensive!) concrete floor, vinyl garage flooring can eliminate the problem in a matter of only a few minutes.

Vinyl garage flooring adds good looks, ease of maintenance, and even a measure of insulation against the elements. Several companies, including Better Life Technology, offer a number of options in vinyl garage flooring with one sure to fit your needs.

 Most people find installing BLT’s premium vinyl garage flooring a breeze. Simply roll it out, cut it to fit (if necessary), and you’re done. To avoid trapped odors, you may want to clean the floor by mopping first, and if you prefer, you can add carpeting tape or adhesive to the edges and corners to prevent any possibility of slippage.

Vinyl garage flooring helps keep water and debris out of your garage by directing it out with channels created in the designs. BLT offers three different patterns: a standard ridge pattern, diamond tread, coin, and their new “Levant” design, which sports a raised-pattern texture resembling leather.

 If you stand on your feet much while working in your garage, you’ll discover another benefit to vinyl garage flooring. By cushioning against the hardness of concrete, your feet will thank you at the end of the day when you’ve added vinyl garage flooring.

Vinyl garage flooring also helps reduce noise, retain heat and coolness. The thick vinyl creates an ideal padding for those who spend a great deal of time on their feet while in the garage. And if you’re prone to making noise, give your neighbors a break by dulling sounds with the muting properties of vinyl garage flooring.

 If you can’t find vinyl garage flooring in your neck of the woods, try an online search. With the click of a mouse, you’ll have a list of vinyl garage flooring retailers in seconds flat. With all you have to do nowadays, isn’t installing vinyl garage flooring smarter than dealing with the mess of rain, mud, snow, and oil? So go ahead. Check out vinyl garage flooring. It’s a smart move to make.

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