Vinyl Lattice Panels

Vinyl Deck LatticeIf you have a raised deck or steps you may have or want to add lattice work around the perimeter. In the past the only types of lattice that were available were constructed of wood. But wood lattice can be fragile and falls apart.

When using wood lattice try to find the thicker kind available (usually more than an inch); this requires more fasteners from the manufacturer and it usually helps it stay together. If using the thinner lattice you want to build a frame out of 2 by 4s or firing strips. Wood lattice runs from $8 to $15 for pressure treated lattice.

Vinyl Lattice

Vinyl lattice is available in many colors and patterns. It can be painted and it cuts easily with a utility knife or saw. You may screw through it easily without splitting or cracking and it does not require a frame to be built around it to keep it together.

Try your local home centers or lumber yard for availability and pricing. Most yards have white available and 4 by 8 sheets of this material cost about $14 to $24 depending on the quality and pattern. Compare it to the wood variety the next time you want to use lattice.


Vinyl lattice fences are recyclable, portable, and comfortable and can be custom-designed for an enclosure of any size or layout. Based on the requirements, they can be specifically created for isolating an area, cafe, garden smoking section, seating, partition, etc.

They afford privacy and at the same time hold esthetic appeal. Lattice fences are created with self-standing posts that do not require ground attachments or wood to hold them up.

They are fashioned for flat surfaces and can be located either indoors or outdoors. Sections between posts are likely to be made up of one, two, or more panels that are 30" high x 20" wide. Some vinyl lattice fences are 100% white cedar with tongue-and-groove handmade 1"x 4" white cedar boards. They appear identical on both the front and the back sides. Strength is an important hallmark of these fences, and for this purpose rails are slid through pre-routed posts.

Lattice vinyl fences are ideally used for an entrance, path, garden, or yard. They do not have tough materials or cause harm to animals as in the case of broken wire or wooden boards; hence, they are frequently chosen for enclosing horses, livestock, and play areas for children.

They do not require painting or maintenance-associated replacement. They do not absorb moisture and therefore are not susceptible to rot, blistering, or corrosion. They are cost-effective and safe alternatives to decrease the strain on lumber supply. Usually sold by the foot along with the posts, prices range from $5 to $30 per foot.

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