Vinyl Picket Fences

Vinyl picket fences give the look and durability of their wood counterparts with none of the maintenance. If you are yearning for that old-fashioned look only a picket fence can bring to your home, be sure and consider vinyl picket fences.

Developed in the 1980s, vinyl picket fences first came into being as a result of PVC pipe manufacturers envisioning a maintenance-free fencing product. Early fences made from vinyl did not contain the ultraviolet protection, however, that todays vinyl fences contain. This chemical, titanium dioxide, helps prevent the breakdown of vinyl and enables vinyl picket fences to last many years longer that those first made in the 80s.

Vinyl Quality

But just because the technology exists to produce vinyl picket fences that last for years, the quality of different manufacturers varies. To be sure you purchase fencing with enough titanium dioxide and other ingredients used to prolong life in vinyl exposed to the sun, be sure and ask the salesperson about this critical information. Additionally, check to ensure the fencing carries an appropriate warranty. Lifetime warranties that can be transferred upon the sale of your home can be obtained on many vinyl picket fences.

Vinyl picket fences, as a rule, almost always cost more than wooden fencing. But to get a clear understanding of true costs, you must consider not only the monetary price, but also that of the time and labor involved in painting a wood fence, which requires repainting about every three years. Vinyl picket fences never need painting and come in a variety of colors; even a wood look is soon to hit the market.


One critical factor regarding vinyl picket fences involves their installation. This type of fencing must be installed with the posts properly placed. If the job goes beyond your abilities, do not hesitate to consult a professional for the correct construction of vinyl picket fences.

So the next time you thinking about fencing, keep vinyl picket fences in mind. They are tough, they are good-looking, and most importantly, they are maintenance-free! Just remember to check out its UV-resistance properties, prepare to install it professionally, and then enjoy! Quality vinyl picket fences just cannot be beat!