Installing Vinyl Plastic Gutters

Easy to clean and get to stay that way, installing vinyl plastic gutters may be the answer to one less maintenance headache on your home upkeep agenda. Here we'll take a look at the advantages as well as the drawbacks of vinyl/plastic gutters and then you can decide whether this popular metal-gutter alternative is the right product for you.

Pick a Color

Vinyl/plastic gutters come in a huge array of colors. If you're trying to match a particularly unusual color of paint or stone, for example, most likely you'll be able find a complementary color in vinyl or plastic guttering.

Easy Upkeep

Ease of maintenance makes another big argument on the plus side for vinyl or plastic gutters. With the simple addition of a snap in gutter filter to eliminate leaves, stems, and small debris, you'll make it an even faster, easier job. Unlike steel or iron, you'll also never have to worry about cleaning off rust with plastic/vinyl gutters nor painting or oiling them as you would if installing wood gutters.

How to Buy

Plastic and vinyl gutters are sold in pre-cut sections and are easily installed by the average homeowner. This eliminates the need for hiring a professional gutter installer and saves money not only in initial costs (plastic/vinyl is the least expensive gutter material) but in putting it up as well.


Lightweight and flexible, vinyl/plastic gutters bend instead of break when diverting deluges of running water off the roof. However, because of this tendency to bend instead of breaking outright, these type of gutters do have a propensity to warp, much like wood and aluminum gutter materials. It's important to ensure that continual pressure, such as that from a leaning ladder or from allowing leaves and other debris to pile up for long periods of time, does not occur in order to avoid warping.

The other major drawback to vinyl and plastic gutters is their relatively short lifespan. Ultraviolet rays from the sun and exposure to weather accelerates the wear and tear on plastic or vinyl gutters making not nearly as durable when compared to wood, steel, aluminum, or cast iron guttering.

All Things Considered

All in all, for most people, vinyl and/or plastic gutters do very well and make a smart guttering choice. If you're not looking for something as high-dollar as copper, as indestructible as steel or cast iron, or as inflexible as aluminum, plastic/vinyl gutters are most likely just what you need.

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