Vinyl Sheet Flooring Tips

Vinyl sheet flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a great value, and is especially at home in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that demand an easy to maintain surface that suits a lot of wear and tear. The traction that vinyl sheet flooring provides compared to other easily cleaned floors like tile makes it a safe and smart choice for spaces in the home where there is likely to be consistent moisture.

Inlayed vinyl sheet flooring is created with dyes that saturate the plastic material to create deep, rich colors and patterns with a long life. Printed vinyl flooring is less expensive, but the fact that the dyes are found in a thin veneer of pattern that lays on top of the thick vinyl base makes it less likely to maintain the long lasting visual appeal of inlayed vinyl.

Although vinyl sheet flooring is one of the most durable modern flooring materials, it does eventually show wear in the forms of scratches, dents, and cuts. Vinyl is also vulnerable to burns, which can make it an impractical choice for kitchens, or for areas in a smoker's home. However, because vinyl is a relatively inexpensive flooring material, longevity is not as much of an issue because most homeowners can afford to replace a vinyl floor when it stops looking vibrant and attractive.

Vinyl sheet flooring is one of the quickest kinds of flooring to install, which makes it ideal if you need a new look right away. When you lay out a seamless vinyl floor, fit your vinyl sheeting to the longest and straightest wall, then gingerly cut away the material in the opposite corners of the room until the sheet lays flat against the subfloor.

Remember to leave an eighth of an inch gap between the vinyl and the wall so that the plastic has room to expand in place, and when in doubt cut less rather than more, as it is always easy to trim a few extra inches, but if the sheeting is cut too small you will have to deal with the process of seaming, which can give an otherwise clean surface a messy look.

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