Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters add indoor and outdoor style inexpensively

Vinyl shutters might not be your first consideration when looking to add shutters to your home. Most of us think wood shutters to be the obvious choice for looks, quality and style. But vinyl shutters offer all that and something else – they often look like wood and are less expensive.

In addition, whether placed inside or outside, vinyl shutters can – over time – handle the elements just a bit better than wood can.

Wood shutters have some advantages over vinyl shutters, and depending on your needs, these might outweigh the many advantages of vinyl shutters. Wood shutters come in several colors, so for a warm look in your room, you can go with a darker wood. Vinyl shutters, by contrast, are usually only offered in white or off-white colors. Unlike wood, they can't be stained, but they can be painted.

In addition, vinyl shutters are not yet made for angled, arched or other specialty shaped windows, making it impossible to use the substitute vinyl shutters on these types of windows.

But assuming you're happy painting your vinyl shutters or leaving them white and your windows are fairly standard, vinyl shutters have a lot to recommend them

Vinyl shutters won't crack, fade, peel or deteriorate in ways wood shutters can. They are moisture resistant, meaning they are an excellent choice for moist areas like bathrooms, a solarium or near a Jacuzzi. If you live near the ocean and need window coverings that can hold up to the saltwater breezes, vinyl shutters are a good choice. Because they are nearly impervious to dents or scratches, vinyl shutters are also an excellent choice for children's rooms.

In addition, vinyl shutters are less expensive than their genuine wood counterparts and can be manufactured in about half the time of the custom wood version.

Vinyl shutters are also a popular option for outdoors. Many people like the custom, finishing touch look that shutters bring to their windows, but often choose wood shutters for quality and looks. But again, vinyl shutters should be seriously considered for this role as well. They hold up to the elements much better than wood, resisting wood rot, fading and cracking and are easy to keep clean and even repaint when needed. They are also quite a bit less expensive than wood shutters.