Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips

One of the easiest ways for cleaning vinyl siding is with a pressure washer. The important thing is that you follow these easy vinyl siding cleaning tips so that everything works out the way you want it to when using the pressure washer.

You do not want to use the pressure washer on loose siding or on any wood sections of the home. Pressure washers can remove paint from the wood and can damage the wood. Make sure to close all windows and lock them from the inside before beginning.

What you will need:

    • Pressure washer
    • Vinyl siding cleaner
    • Plastic sheets
    • Garden hose
    • Bucket
    • Scrub brush
    • Bleach
    • Goggles

    Step 1

Turn off any external receptacles and light fixtures at the circuit box. Then cover plants and flowers with the plastic sheeting. If you windows have removal screens, remove these and clean separately. If you have any loose panels, fix these before cleaning with the pressure washer.

Step 2

The first thing you need to do is inspect the vinyl siding for any dark spots where there may be some form of mildew. These spots should be washed with three parts water and one part bleach. Use the bucket and scrub brush to treat these areas. Make sure to scrub softly on the vinyl siding.

Step 3

Mix the solution of vinyl siding cleaner and insert the pressure washer hose. Make sure to follow the directions on the cleaner as specified by the manufacturer. You do not want to make the mixture to powerful when cleaning vinyl siding. This will just be wasting the cleaner.

Step 4

Use the nozzle for low pressure. Turn on the hose and wet a ten by ten section of the vinyl siding with the cleaning solution. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Allow the solution to sit for about three minutes, but do not allow the solution to dry. If the solution dries, it will leave residue on the siding even after rinsing.

Step 5

After the solution has had time to work, turn the pressure washer nozzle to high pressure and rinse the vinyl siding starting at the top and working your way down. Be careful not to stay in one place. Keep the pressure washer streams moving as you rinse the siding.

Step 6

Repeat Step 3 to Step 5 until you have completed the entire house. Make sure to avoid the J-channels when using the pressure washer.

If the house or building is two story or more, you may need to use scaffolding to reach the higher areas. The one thing that you do not want to do is use a ladder for pressure washing. Most pressure washers do have extensions for reaching higher areas, but this would only work for two story homes.

If the vinyl siding looks clean, but you have some areas that does not see the sunlight and mildew is growing, you can just avoid the pressure washer and simply use the bleach and water solution to clean these areas. After applying the solution with the brush, allow time to work and then rinse with a garden hose.

You only need a pressure washer with about 2200 psi to completely clean a home in one day. Try to avoid using the pressure washer on the glass in the windows.