Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth

Cat on TableclothA flannel backed vinyl tablecloth is the perfect choice for tablecloth styles. People use tablecloths for every day dining, special occasions, holidays, and celebrations. A flannel backed vinyl tablecloth is preferable because the flannel keeps the tablecloth from slipping off of the table, and the vinyl is a very easy to clean surface.

There are many different styles, sizes, shapes, and colors offered in a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth. These tablecloths also come in sizes such as: 43'' x 55'' (110cm x 140cm) oblong; 54'' x 54''(135cm x 135cm) square; 54'' x 72''(135cm x 180cm) oblong; 60'' x 90'' (150cm x 225cm) oblong; 60'' x 104''(150cm x 265cm) oblong; 72' 'round (180 round)

Benefits from using a Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth

Using a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth also offers additional benefits that you would not have otherwise. Beside the fact that a vinyl tablecloth is extremely easy to wash off after occasional spills and use, etc, a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth is also machine washable. Many people love to have a beautiful hand crocheted tablecloth, however, these are very delicate and can easily be ruined after one use!

The solution is to use a crocheted patterned flannel backed vinyl tablecloth. Not only will you have that beautiful crocheted look that you love, but you will have the ease of simply washing by hand and sponge, or machine, to keep your tablecloth looking its best.

Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth: Protects your Furniture

A flannel backed vinyl tablecloth protects your furniture due to the soft flannel backing. This prevents any marks, scuffs, or scorch marks from damaging your dining room table. Sometimes accidents happen, and a casserole dish may be inadvertently set upon the table. If you are using a thin or hand made tablecloth, the heat may absorb through the tablecloth and cause permanent damage to your table.

With a heavyweight flannel backed vinyl tablecloth, this will not occur. The weight of the heavy vinyl and the soft flannel will buffer and protect your table. Your table should look perfect at all times, whether for holidays or everyday dining. With a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth, you can make sure that your table not only looks great continuously, but that your hardwood table will remain looking brand new.

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Photo by Jackie, Creative Commons Attribution License