Violetta Granite

Granite is one of the most popular materials used for countertops found in homes today. Granite is attractive, it can come in all types of shades and colors and it adds a dynamic look to any kitchen. Violetta granite is extremely colorful and like all granites durable and ideal for use in the kitchen. It is becoming more and more popular and more readily available in retails stores. Violetta granite is imported from and can be found specifically in Saudi Arabia. The popular colors for this granite are primarily, black, red and beige.


One of the things that makes Violetta granite and all forms of granite popular is the fact that it is an extremely strong stone. Granite is very hard to chip or to break. It is also extremely hard to scratch the surface of it. Everyone likes to know that when they invest their money in something that it will be worth the cost. For this reason, granite makes a very worthy investment when it comes to spending money on the redecoration of your kitchen. You will know that in the long run, the cost of your Violetta granite will pay for itself.


If you are considering installing Violetta Granite in your home, you should understand that there are an endless number of options for you as far as color and style go. Be sure to shop around to see what your options are. If you have not used a granite countertop in your home before you may want to read up on what it will take to maintain the beauty and the appearance of your Violetta granite countertop, having said that, I should note that a granite surface tends to be extremely low maintenance.

In the Kitchen

If you plan on placing Violetta granite around the area of your kitchen sink, you will need to be careful and pay just a little extra attention to that area of the surface. Be a little more conscientious about drying off excess water from the area around the sink after use.

Leaving the area wet once in a while will not make much of a difference in the scheme of things, but if the area is left moist all of the time, the granite will lose some of its coloring over time. Therefore, try to clean countertop spills as quickly as possible and always thoroughly rinse cleaning fluids from the surface of the granite after cleaning.


Do not use abrasive cleaning pads like Brillo when you clean the surface of your Violetta granite countertops. Rather use the soft side of a sponge along with a gentle cleanser to remove stubborn stains.

Lastly, as with all kitchen surfaces, it is wise to use coasters rather than to place extremely hot materials directly onto the Violetta granite surface. If you are conscientious about a few things, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your Violetta granite surface for many years to come. In fact, you will probably grow bored with your granite surface way before it fails you.

Violetta granite is not only used on countertops but it is also known to be used on floors as well. Marble floors are quite popular in upscale homes and buildings. Many home owners like the idea of having quality, marble flooring. Violetta granite therefore is not just a popular surface for the kitchen countertop but also it also extremely striking and dramatic as a floor surface as well.

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