Wall Fans

If you need help installing a wall fan or would like some advice on some of the best wall fan choices, this article is for you. Wall fans are typically used for cooling, ventilation and exhaust. They are good in areas where you may have limited space.

Wall fans are usually used in warehouses, factories or other industrial areas. They provide a large amount of air moving power while taking up little space. Most wall fans will swivel to help provide climate control for a large area. Wall fans are used heavily in industrial areas where heat, stagnant air, stratification and dampness are common problems.

How to Install a Wall Fan

Wall fans are typically fairly easy to install. The only tools you should need for the job are a screw driver, stud finder and maybe a step ladder. In most cases, you just find a stud on the wall you wish to mount the fan on and secure the mounting plate to it.

Next, attach the mounting bracket attached to the fan to that plate. Then plug the fan in and you are done. Installation may vary slightly with each manufacturer, but basically they all mount close to the same way. If you have masonry walls, you will need to find suitable anchors at your local hardware store.

The height at which to mount the fan on the wall is pretty much up to you. If you have small children, you may want to mount it just out of reach just to be safe. You may wish to mount it at a height where it will be easily turned on and off. Many wall fans come with a pull string for easy operation at higher heights.

Compare Kinds of Wall Fan

There are several choices when it comes to style brand and function of your wall fan. If you are into style and have a healthy budget, you may be interested in Michelle Pared wall mounted fans, they are very stylish. They come in chrome, black, nickel, brass and bronze finishes and can cost from $450 to $700.

If you are into more of an art deco type thing, check out the Fitzgerald fan by Fanimation. It will cost you around $225. It has a unique design that is not the same boring circular design of most other fans. It can also be mounted on the wall or used as a table fan.

A lot of people are looking for cost effective, reliable wall fans. To those of you that want functionality and cost rather than style and prestige, we recommend a wall fan from Air King. They have several wall fans to choose from that cost as low as $59 and range from $59 to $180. Air King is a popular brand and is easily found online at any of the larger online shopping sites. The cheapest wall fan we found was made by Lasko and was a 12 inch oscillating wall fan.

Where to Find Them

You may find out that finding a wall fan can be more difficult than it sounds. When shopping for a wall fan, we found that typical department and home supply stores do not usually carry them. We searched Wall Mart, Kmart and Lowes and none of them had wall mount fans.

There are ,of course, hundreds of locations online that will ship them to you, but if you want to walk into a brick and mortar establishment to purchase your new wall mount fan, it may take some shopping around. Some popular stores in the United States that carry wall fans include Badcock, Ace Hardware and Home Depot. Most of those stores mentioned only carry a very limited supply.