Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

When considering cooling options for your home, you may be wondering about wall mounted air conditioning. There are alternatives to central air and to window air conditioners. In hot, dry regions you can use a swamp cooler as an alternative. In other areas, wall mounted air conditioning is an option. It comes in several different types.

One type of wall mounted air conditioning is similar to a window air conditioner, but is mounted through the wall. One advantage here is that you don't have to give up a view from a window, which is one of the drawbacks of having a window unit. A disadvantage is that the unit will be hard to disguise during the winter months, and will have to be sealed off to keep cold air from coming in.

Still, a wall mounted air conditioning unit can be convenient. For one thing, you don't have to remove it and store it during cooler weather. Installing one in a preexisting home is not always easy, however. It must be done in an area where there are no pipes or electric lines running through the walls. In addition, if the walls are made of brick, concrete, or stone, you are probably going to have problems cutting the hole.

When the hole is cut, a special sleeve must be inserted to bear the weight of the wall mounted air conditioning system. The sleeve is made of metal and must be sized exactly right for best results. The best way to get a sleeve the right size is to buy it from the same company that manufactured the air conditioner.

Another type of wall mounted air conditioning system available is what is sometimes called a "mini-split" or ductless system. These use a compressor unit that is mounted outside the house. This is attached to nice looking fan units that are wall mounted inside the house. These air conditioners require only a small hole to be cut through the wall, through which the outside and inside units are connected.

Other wall mounted air conditioning units include packaged terminal air conditioners and large units used in industrial settings to cool large areas, such as factories. Packaged terminal air conditioners, called PTACs, are the type of wall unit often found in motels. The heat and air conditioning are combined in one unit placed along a wall.

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