Wallpaper Murals Create a Unique Room

For a really unique look in your home, consider installing a wallpaper mural in one of your rooms. For under $400 (many times around $100), you can find a wallpaper mural that will fit any theme you can imagine. The higher end of this price range refers to high quality art murals.

For a relaxing room, such as a bedroom, dining room, or bath, you might choose a nature scene or classic art mural. However, classic designs like these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the selection that is available.

Mural Sizes

Many times a wallpaper mural comes in an 8-panel format, with 4 panels above and 4 below. Sizes can vary from 9 feet high by 12 feet wide down to 6 feet high by 4 feet wide for smaller applications. Sometimes they come in vertical strips instead of panels.

Generally they are not vinyl coated and must be handled more carefully than standard vinyl coated wallpaper. For instance, you should not allow the paste to soak into the back of the wallpaper mural, or it can cause the paper to begin to disintegrate.

The paste should be applied to the wall first. The right side of the wallpaper mural should not be gotten wet. If you can get your desired wallpaper mural in a vinyl coated design, it should be easier to apply.

Door Murals

If a wallpaper mural that covers a whole wall is too overpowering for your tastes, consider a door mural. Do you have a daughter that likes horses? She might like a door mural that mimics a horse stable, complete with a horse looking in.

Accent murals are another version of a smaller wallpaper mural. These can resemble bookcases full of classic volumes, a country style shelf with plants and knickknacks, or a 1970 muscle car breaking through the wall. You can even choose a tyrannosaurus rex looking in through a window.

A wallpaper mural can be particularly suited to a child's room, since they can impart a playful air. Kids' murals come in designs such as baby animals, forest scenes, castles, horses and other themes. You can even find them in patterns to match kid's bedding.

A wallpaper mural can be very appropriate in a public area, such as a waiting room in a doctor's office. In the home, classic designs can accent and add interest. Really, the only limits on your choice of wallpaper mural are your own taste and sense of style.