Waterford Crystal Vase

There’s nothing like a beautiful Waterford crystal vase. Whether you’re buying for a friend, relative, or for yourself, this is one décor item that no one can dispute reigns as the height of good taste. Here are some places online you can visit to get that perfect Waterford crystal vase – or to just look at them and yearn!

Horchow’s sells more than one Waterford crystal vase (six currently are offered at this site) ranging in price from $99 to $298. This online retailer features designs such as Seahorse, Balmoral, Lismore, and Clarion in all their brilliant, cut-crystal clarity. Mouth-blown and handcrafted, an heirloom-quality Waterford crystal vase from Horchow’s promises the very best in artistry from this old and highly reputable crystal maker.

Another Web site to look for that perfect Waterford crystal vase is Carter Jewelers (www.CarterJewelers.net). Here you can find the Leenane pattern in a 10-inch Waterford crystal vase to rival the finest on the market. At $260, this exquisitely fashioned vase from that 200+ year-old Irish crystal-making company stands out as a true masterpiece of gifted craftsmanship.

Yet one more Internet retailer that offers a Waterford crystal vase to suit the most discriminating collector is www.SilverQueen.com. With more patterns than many other online Waterford crystal purveyors, this site’s fabulous collection can’t help but entice even the most jaded fine-crystal aficionado. Current prices at this site range from a $595 Julia rose vase to an amber-colored Waterford crystal vase in the Samba pattern for only $49.

Perhaps the best online seller of a Waterford crystal vase, however, is the very own Web site of the crystal’s namesake: www.Waterford.com. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, “Waterford” has been “Waterford Wedgwood” since 1986. Here the fine-crystal collector can find not only that perfect Waterford crystal vase, but also every other Waterford objet d’art created by the masters of crystal craftsmanship and artistry.

So whenever you go looking for that one and only, extra-special Waterford crystal vase you’ve been coveting for years, you now have three reputable places from which to browse and buy. There’s no time like the present to go Waterford crystal vase shopping – so go! (And enjoy!)