Weed Whackers

Gas Powered Weed WhackerHave you ever spent an entire morning or afternoon, or even an entire day for that matter, on your hands and knees trying to remove all of the stubborn and harmful weeds from your back yard garden? If you have then you probably also know the sinking feeling you have afterwards when you realise that you still have to go around to the front of the house and do that yard too.

Pulling weeds is nobody’s favourite pastime and is the bane of a gardener’s existence, which is why you need to choose one of the weed whackers available out there to do that job for you.

What is a Weed Whacker?

Weed whackers are literally tools that can be used to target and pull weeds from your lawn as well as your borders and other areas that they are not wanted. You literally introduce the tool to the weed and it will do the rest for you. They save you much time and energy so you can have your garden straight in no time at all.

Using any of the weed whackers out there is not that difficult. In fact, they are all relatively simple to use because they are hand held and thus easy to control. You will need safety equipment like goggles to prevent anything hitting you in the eye but the tool does the job for you.

There is still a decision to make though because you have to choose from the three types of weed whackers available for you. The following section will outline the benefits for you so that you can do just that.

Types Of Weed Whackers

Although there are some quirky weed whackers out there, the three basic models are as follows:

1. Electric weed whackers – The easiest of the weed whackers to use, electric ones do have a cord that you have to watch when you are out in the garden, but are by far the easiest to start and use because the power remains constant and stable. These weed whackers are also quiet and incredibly efficient without disrupting the entire neighbourhood or indeed ruining your garden

2. Gas weed whackers – Gas weed whackers are literally powered using gas and so does not have a cord to carry around either. However, the convenience of being able to carry the weed whacker around without the cord does not detract from the difficulty you will face in refuelling. Having said that, they are incredibly economical and are often favoured by professional gardeners that cover huge spaces every single day. They are loud but are more efficient in an industrial sense.

3. Battery powered weed whackers – These are starting to become more popular because of the convenience of having cordless weed whackers that are quiet enough to be used in the back yard. Although you do have to make sure that you have a charged battery on standby at all times and the efficiency is a little off, battery powered weed whackers are ideal for those that have awkward spots to get into as well as hedges and shrubs to get into to remove weeds.

All of the above pros and cons of each of the weed whackers highlight the differences between them so you can now choose the one that you would prefer. Electric ones are the cheapest but be sure to put your needs over price if you want the best possible results.

Photo by dvs, Creative Commons Attribution License