What is Bullnose Tile

Bullnose tile is a specific type of tile most commonly used in bathrooms. It is designed primarily for the use in bathrooms and shower stalls in the home. Many people see bullnose tile on a daily basis but are not even aware of it. This is because the bullnose tile blends in so well to the bathroom. However, bullnose tile can be used in other areas of the home such as the kitchen or other tiled walled areas.

A bullnose tile is a tile that has a rounded edge. The rounded edge is different than traditional flat or straight edges on tiles. Many projects call for line tiles. The line tiles make terrific borders and edges for home projects.

You can place matching or complimentary bullnose tiles on top of the line tiles to create a better look to the tile project. Many times if you purchase border tiles in a kit, there will be bullnose tile pieces available in the kit to finish off the top of the borders.

Edge Bullnose

Many times you will have edge tiles for counter tops, shower walls and other areas of the home that have tiling. The edge tiles should ideally be used for these areas. However, sometimes the projects do not have edge tiles and it is handy to use a bullnose tile in place of the edge tile pieces.

Some people prefer using the bullnose tile instead of edge tiles to give a more polished look to the project and to avoid sharp edges on countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. The rounded edge of the bullnose tile prevents potential sharp edges when the project is completed.

Double-out Bullnose

One other type of bullnose tile that you will find is the double-out bullnose tile. This is a tile that is similar to the bullnose tile but slightly different in shape. The primary use for the double-out bullnose tile is to fit neatly in corners. The double-out bullnose tile will fit snugly in the corner piece area while creating rounded edges.

This is great for trims, corner of shower stalls, corner areas of counter tops and other tiling projects in your home. Most kits come with corner edge pieces for the project but you can substitute the double-out bullnose tile in these areas to create a smoother and more dynamic look to the area.

Base Tiles

Even though they are handy, you should not use a bullnose tile at the base of a project. The rounded edges of the bullnose tile will not fit snugly for the project. It is recommended for the bottom section of the tiling project that you use base tiles instead of trying to substitute with the bullnose tiles. The bullnose tile pieces go the best on the top of projects and as the outer edge for your tiling projects in your home.