Wilsonart Laminate Flooring

If you have royal taste but more of a pauper's budget, consider giving up the dream of true hardwood or stone floors and consider Wilsonart laminate flooring, which performs as well as the real deal and looks like the real deal, but is cheaper and easier to care for.

Wilsonart laminate flooring, available in a variety of finishes and in a variety of price ranges, offers the versatility and ease of care many homeowners are looking for these days. There are several benefits to Wilsonart Laminate Flooring, including: high UV protection so the floor will be protected over time; easy installation even a novice homeowner can do; and easy cleaning since spills on laminate flooring can be cleaned with a Swiffer, sponge or damp mop.

You can purchase faux stone or hardwood floors with the Wilsonart laminte flooring name and install them yourself. Forget the days of gluing the floor down and having to use precise measurements to get the floor just right.

Wilsonart laminate flooring is installed with Tap-N-Lock technology, which involves a double-locking tongue and groove system for putting the floor together. There's none of the mess that comes with the glues of old and the floors are available for use right away.

You can certainly install your floors in a traditional, straight design, but the versatility of the Wilsonart laminate flooring extends to even the installation. If you're installing the hardwood laminate, you can lay the planks on the diagonal for a fun and interesting design. Installing the Wilsonart stone floors? The tiles can be laid in a staggered manner or corner-to-corner for a different and unique look.

There are four lines of Wilsonart laminate flooring: Classic, Estate Plus, DuoLink and Red Label. The Classic label is what its name implies; the classic and traditional floor that most homeowners turn to, while the Estate Plus line is the premier Wilsonart laminate flooring line.

The Red Label line is for the homeowner looking for grand style and uniqueness, while the DuoLink Wilsonart laminate flooring line is affordable, for the homeowner on a budget.