Window Treatment for Sunrooms

There are a variety of window treatments that go naturally in the sunroom area of your home. Building a sunroom is one of the more popular home improvement projects for homeowners because it makes the natural sunlight the focal point of the room. Selecting an attractive window treatment is the final step in the project. A trip to your local home and garden center will provide you with a wide selection of window treatments to perfectly compliment the room.

Using sunroom window treatments to block harmful UV rays makes sense because harsh sunlight will cause furniture and floor coverings to fade over time. A window blind constructed for sunrooms can be chosen with either light blocking or light filtering properties in mind. As part of a window treatment, pleated or cellular blinds are flexible and fashionable.

Wood blinds provide insulation while bamboo or vertical styles work well on large windows. Pleated and cellular blinds can be pulled down from the top for privacy or drawn up from the bottom to partially frame the view.

Both designs are available in a large range of fabric types and colors to become part of a functional window treatment for the sunroom. Wood window treatments are constructed with both narrow and wide slats in a variety of stains and finishes. Bamboo blinds are maintenance free and come in roll up or roman styles.

Draperies and Shades

Draperies provide you with the ultimate control over the amount of natural light and heat that enters your sunroom. With side ties and a durable rod, window draperies give your sunroom a look of class and elegance.

Shades are a popular window treatment for sunrooms because they are so cost effective and easy to control. Simply pull your shade down from the top of your window and cast a cooling shadow on the room.

Stained glass window treatments transform your sunroom into a world of color. Sunlight will hit your stained glass and throw beams of colored splendor across the room.

Window Quilts are energy- saving window shades made of multiple layers of polyester and Mylar. They are quilted, roll up and down on a track, and are cord or spring operated. We can add a decorative cover sheet over the quilted material. It works well on almost all types of windows and also sloped sunroom windows and skylights. This is the most insulative treatment that can cover large spans of glass and seals on all four sides. There is no air infiltration; the conduction from the glass to the inside of the room is prevented because the quilt is sealed.

Sky Windows

Sunrooms can have windows everywhere, including the ceilings. Tempered insulating glass sky windows utilize tempered one-inch thick insulating glass as a standard feature. If you get them factory installed in the roof, there is no possibility for water leaks, and no caulking or screws will be visible. They come with 40% tinting and can be venting or non-venting.

Sky windows filter sunlight, reduce heat gain in summer, retain heat in winter, provide privacy, cut glare, and reduce outside noise.

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