Window Treatments for Bathrooms

bathroom windowIt is an interesting fact that the two rooms in your home that can really impact the resale value are your kitchen and your bathroom. In view of that, special consideration should be taken when designing or remodeling these areas since you not only spend time there, but it is an investment. When considering window treatments for bathrooms, several factors need to be closely looked at.

For one thing, bathroom windows have to ensure your privacy and modesty.
Also, the strategically sized bathroom window will work wonders to make a smaller room look bigger. It can also add needed light to a room when it is rather dark because of the way it was constructed or because of the lighting scheme. It might be impractical to change the size of the window but you can certainly play it to your advantage.

Window Size

The size of your bathroom window can play a key role in your choice of appropriate bathroom window treatments. Some designers maintain that the general rule of thumb is that smaller bathroom windows make shades, blinds, or shutters more appropriate than curtains and draperies.

Depending upon the size and the location of the window in your bathroom, you might want to think about downplaying them or further emphasizing it. There are countless ways to accomplish either. For example, one way to use a window treatment to downplay your window is to use neutral colored fabric. Another common way is to leave it bare other than the use of mini blinds that match the color of your walls.


Would you rather highlight them? You might install a colorful valance over mini blinds in the same or a similar color shade. A valance won’t break the bank, it’s a breeze to hang, and requires virtually no maintenance. You might have to vacuum it once every week or so and perhaps wash it a couple times a year.

A valance’s color should be coordinated with the floor tile or carpet. If you opt for mini blinds just dust them once a week with a feather duster.
Still another contemporary window treatment is a window length breezy cloth curtain. You can tie it back during daylight hours and then let it hang loose at night.

This will afford you light during the day, saving electricity, and give you privacy at nighttime. You will have to give a little more care to fabric curtains. Recently, cafe style curtains have taken over in popularity over conventional tension pull blinds or mini blinds.

Unusual Treatments

Maybe you would rather think out of the box. You might like a non standard window treatment like hanging a stained glass window over the window. You can find these at antique stores or make your own with a kit from your local craft store.

Or how about this very inexpensive approach: take a piece of garden lattice, cut it to size, and paint it the same shade as your wallpaper. Another great idea is hanging a pair of ferns in front of the window. They will give you privacy while benefiting from the humidity when you shower.

Whatever kind of window treatment you pick for your bathroom window it will need to be coordinated along the lines of the color shades of other accessories in your bathroom. This would include wall colors, floor tile, floor rugs, or towels. Choose a decorating theme like early American or Oriental. This provides a decorative flow.

photo by Helene Jutras - CreativeCommons Attribution