Windowless Air Conditioner Provides New Options in Cooling

When considering how to cool one's home, the options in the past have been ugly window units, expensive central air conditioning systems, or in dry regions, swamp coolers. Now the windowless air conditioner offers an alternative to these choices. The windowless air conditioner is also called a portable air conditioner, because it is equipped with wheels and can be moved from room to room. However, the windowless air conditioner still needs to be vented out to remove hot air from the room. This venting can be done through a window or other vent.

The power of a windowless air conditioner, like other air conditioners, is measured in British thermal units, or BTU's. A typical windowless air conditioner will have a rating of from 9000 to 14,000 BTU's. The smaller 9000 BTU models of windowless air conditioner should be able to cool a room of up to 250 square feet in area, while a 14,000 BTU model should cool an area twice this size. Some areas of the house where a windowless air conditioner makes sense are the office or computer room, attics, upstairs rooms, and bedrooms.


The price of a windowless air conditioner ranges from $325 for a small unit on sale to $700 for a large unit. The needed window vent kit adds a bit more to the cost of a windowless air conditioner. Some companies that make windowless air conditioners are Sunpentown, Solues, Amcor, Fujitronic, and Delonghi. Some units require water to be removed periodically. Sunpentown uses a "self evaporating technology" that reduces the amount of water that has to be removed from their windowless air conditioner.

When choosing a windowless air conditioner, it is best not to choose a unit that is too large for the area being cooled. Using too large a windowless air conditioner wastes energy and does not remove the humidity as efficiently. A kitchen requires about 400 more BTU's to cool than other rooms, and sunny rooms require more, too. A windowless air conditioner can be used to supplement a central cooling system or it can be used on its own. As well as cooling the air and reducing humidity, a windowless air conditioner improves ventilation in stuffy rooms.