5 Kitchen Window Styles

French Kitchen Window Style As the saying goes, the eyes may be the window to the soul, but your kitchen windows are the eyes, heart and soul of your home. They can make all the difference between an odd looking home and a beautifully designed home that features a light and airy kitchen.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in the house because it is where the family shares the majority of their time together. As such, you must consider the kitchen window style if you plan on giving your home a face lift, an entire kitchen renovation or even just replacing the old windows that are already in situ.

The Five Styles

There are five main classic styles of kitchen window that you can choose from. All of them can look beautiful on the right house so you must make sure that the windows suit your property:

    1. American Colonial – This style comes from the 1700s and 1800s. The windows were small and the frames were made of wood. They were generally divided into four panes and looked rather quaint. They do not let in that much light but they do give your home an olde worlde feeling.

    2. Revival/Georgian – These windows are much more chunky. They are of varying sizes and shapes and are almost always vertically rectangular. You can have them as small or as big as you like to suit your needs. There are also ornamental varieties available

    3. ItalianateItalianate windows are incredibly popular at the moment and can add an elegant look to your home. The panes are generally high arched and symmetrical with huge panes and lots of light! These are beautiful and highly practical as well as ornate, which is not something you hear very often.

    4. Prairie – Clean cut with good lines, these windows are geometric and look at home on any structure. They are perfect for windows of the kitchen. They let in a lot of light and can easily be coupled with soft furnishings as well as rich woods.

    5. Art Deco – With simple geometric patterns and clean lines, the art deco style looks at home in any modern home. You can have metal frames or plastic ones but there are rarely wooden ones to be found.

Choosing Style Over Fashion

There are two most important things to remember when you are choosing your new kitchen window styles. The first is that fashion does not last forever and the second is that a window that does not look in keeping with the overall style of your home will stick out like a sore thumb. As on the catwalk, there are fashionable furnishings and fixtures at any given time concerning your home.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of choosing the fashionable over the stylish when in fact they are two different things. Stylish windows will look beautiful and frame the kitchen perfectly, letting in light and air as well as matching the kitchen decor to a certain degree.

For example, wooden frames will look in keeping with a classic line of kitchen decor with rich wooden sides and tables, but metallic frames would be much too heavy and take the focus away from the deep, beautiful fixtures and fittings. The latter may be fashionable but will not be stylish when on the home.

This does not mean you have to go for safe kitchen window styles but it does means that you have to consider your options carefully and make the right decision first time around. After all, new windows cost a fortune and you will be stuck with them for some time.

Photo by Evan, Creative Commons Attribution License