Wine Barrel Planting Ideas

In the market for some wine barrel planting ideas? Planting in barrels accomplishes several purposes: You can move plants around for a new look whenever you wish or even take them with you if you move. And if the growing season is short where you live, you can move plants indoors at a moments notice if a freeze alert is given.

Annuals, perennials, even small ornamental trees can be planted and successfully grown in wine barrels. Here are a few suggestions as to what plants to use in your wine barrels to give your yard, patio, or deck the look you want.

Go Tropical With Bougainvilleas

Wine barrel planting ideas that include the lushly beautiful bougainvillea always make a high-impact gardening statement. Named after Admiral Louis Bougainvillea, the French seaman who discovered this Brazilian plant in 1768, the bougainvillea has been hybridized over the years into the spectacular vining specimens we see today. Intrinsically tropical, the bougainvillea immediately brings to mind all the romantic beauty of the tropics.

Black Cat Sitting by Planter

Although this plant is a vine, as one of many wine barrel planting ideas, it can be trained into a bushy plant reaching heights of about three feet tall. Or, you can construct a narrow, latticework panel in your wine barrel on which to train the bougainvillea to grow. Either, way, you cannot go wrong with the eye-catching appeal of a lovely bougainvillea in full-bloom beauty.

The Carefree Look of Wildflowers

Wildflowers, as part of your repertoire of wine barrel planting ideas, express a joyful freedom and sense of lively abandon. All mixed up and blooming without restraint, wildflowers exhilarate and refresh a tired, worn look. Wildflowers can be purchased in bulk or in small and large packets available at most home and garden centers as well as from nurseries or online. Local retailers generally carry those types of wildflowers known to do well in your particular area. However, if you buy online, make sure you are buying wildflowers that are native to your region of the country.

The Zen Look

A favorite among many of wine barrel planting ideas includes the stunning, yet simple, look reminiscent of that found in Zen gardens. Plant horsetail reed, an evergreen perennial, closely together in your barrel. In just a few months, the horsetail reed, which spreads by rhizomes, will fill the barrel completely. What you will have is a bamboo-looking plant of varying heights growing straight up vertically. Plant horsetail reed in full sun for the best results and take care to water often and thoroughly.

Wine barrel planting ideas are limited only by your imagination and knowledge of plants. Go to the library, buy books at the bookstore, and spend time online to learn all you can about different types of plants. You will not only find the perfect plant to put into wine barrels, but plants to grow in hanging baskets, in pots, and, yes, even which ones to grow in the ground! There is no time like the present to learn about plants, so go ahead and get started on turning that thumb into a rewarding shade of green.

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